Everybody Everywear: Lucky legwear (Colored tights edition)

Gap Outlet sweater; thrifted vintage skirt ($0.99); Urban Outfitters tights; Urban Outfitters boots; Vintage Martini vintage clutch; Forever 21 bracelet

Let me begin with a list of trends from this past year I have managed to avoid:
  • High waist jeans.
  • Statement necklaces and earrings.
  • Nail art.
  • Rompers.
  • Overalls.
  • Platforms (and flatforms, whatever they were.)
  • Colored tights.
I do not hate any of the above items. I do not drink of the haterade, as it were. But I hate the word "trend." It implies a slave-like devotion to a product without much thought as to whether said product is flattering or even rational. Colored tights seemed to fall into this category. Why, I wondered, would I want to make my legs look like they belonged on a cartoon character? How does a grown woman wear colored tights without looking as if she has raided a preschooler's closet? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME, ANYWAY????

Never a woman to admit defeat, I decided to meet this month's Everybody, Everywear theme with fortitude. So I went to Urban Outfitters and perused the colors they offered. White would make me look like a nurse; blue a Smurf. Pink was too...pink.  I choose green, the color associated with good luck and money. This was purposeful. There's nothing wrong with money. I love money, you love money, you will love my green tights.

In he end, I think I pulled this trend off with success. Keeping the rest of my outfit simple helped my tights give an interesting pop of color without making it look like rainbow threw up on me.


  1. The word trend does make me cringe too. I like to see an item move through it's natural cycle: avant-garde - fresh - full on trend - demode. That's about the time I slowly start considering wearing it. Though as a seamstress and jewellery maker I am in a unique position to make something for myself that's so off the charts the fashion radars don't even blip.

  2. Okay, I REALLY need to invest in some tights. Especially the mustard color. Love these on you!

  3. You look fabulous - the colored tights are just subdued enough and I like that you paired it with a very neutral outfit! I'm the same as you - have avoided most of the "trends" on your list though I do have a little thing for platforms :)

  4. very very cute! def liking the color choice and i def love those shoes!!


  5. What a great look! I LOVE the herringbone pattern. I do think the tights added a fun pop of color.

    Random question, have you lost weight? Your looking very little!

  6. I love how these tights add interest without being overwhelming to your simple outfit.

  7. That clutch gives me heart failure!!! :)

  8. Your colour strategizing worked out. These tights look very professional and put together with the rest of your outfit. Your outfit looks fantastic!

    classic noise

  9. I would happily mug ya for that clutch. FANtastic! Lovely tights too!

  10. love the black and white with the teal, and that clutch just continues to rock the boldness!! :)
    robyn of robynmcclendon.com

  11. Love the outfit, teal tights were a perfect choice!

  12. Love this combination of black, white, and a shade of green, it's probably my all-time favorite color combination! Way to go, this look is amazing, as always.

  13. I like the color that you chose. They're eye catching, but not too bright.

  14. Very classy - an elegant and grown up way to wear colored tights. LOVE

  15. Love that green tights, which of course symbolizes money.haha. Awesome top and skirt too. Simply beautiful!

    Cathy@Urbane Scrubs – Fashion-Forward Styles in Hospital Scrubs


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