On Sunday I Smile - Week in review October 9th

On Sundays I review the past week and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

Yesterday I took a little solo road trip to Austin to attend the Vintage Glamporium and spend time with my friend Grechen. Road trips are awesome for so many reasons. First of all, in the safety of your car, you're able to sing at the top of your lungs to really bad but incredibly catchy pop music (thanks for the companionship, Adam Levine) and not give a second thought as to who can hear you. You can take advantage of the lonely stretches of road to brainstorm ideas for blog posts. And you can also become really aggravated at drivers who insist on crawling along in the left hand lane at 50 miles an hour. I always wonder exactly what these people are thinking. Don't they notice all the irate drivers speeding past them, flipping them off and screaming profanities? Do they not care that they're tying up traffic? These things keep me up at night.

Anyway, the Glamporium was pretty wonderful, though the clothes seemed overpriced. I have a hard time buying things from vendors when I know how much they spent on them at the Goodwill or estate sales. But it was still fun to wander around, chat with sellers and gaze at vintage.

Two of my favorite vintage stores were there - Vintage Martini and The Style Station - and they brought some pretty incredible things with them. I lusted over their cowboy boots, 1950's tulle strapless prom dresses, snakeskin purses and sequin tops.

The piece at the Glamporium that gave me the biggest case of the grabby hands had to be this insane suede fringed jacket. Priced at nearly $1000, I had to walk away. This jacket will haunt me, though.

Grechen and two of her friends are holding a pop-up vintage shop in Austin on October 22nd, called Hunt. Gather.Style. I quite generously helped them prepare by snatching up two pieces I can't wait to wear that will appear on the blog this week.

My most favorite piece of theirs was this fully sequined zebra striped blouse. I cannot believe I didn't bring this home with me. It is magical.

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