Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Here comes Halloween!

Katy Rose of Modly Chic, founder of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, is a little obsessed with Halloween. Inspired by the spirit of  getting ready for the event, this week's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday questions are Halloween themed.

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year?

Since becoming a mom and having to worry about things like finding my kids' treat bags and trying to force them to decide how they want to dress, my own Halloween aspirations have fallen by the wayside. It's a joy to costume my children, though. I love taking them to Party City and picking out fake spider web to drape over our front yard. I love carving pumpkins. I love eating all the chocolate and candy I can without throwing up. And I love taking my kids trick-or-treating and helping them sort through their loot when we get home.

My boys as Mario and Luigi, their heroes and doppelgangers.

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, which I'll admit is kind of sad. However, this year will be different. I've been invited to a couple of parties and have decided to dress as a famous fashion blogger dressed as Rachel Zoe. I'll wear a fur vest, wide leg jeans, a printed blouse, a floppy hat, platform shoes, giant sunglasses and masses of gold jewelry. Oh, and red lipstick. I'll hold a Starbucks cup and stomp around muttering "" and "Ba-NAN-nas" all night. If I had longer hair I'd part it in the middle and curl the ends, but that's just not possible.

Basically, this.
2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?

I like the concept of using fashion trends from the past to inspire costumes. I've dressed as a flapper, a hippie, a 1950's greaser, and a seventies disco girl. I'm at the point where I thrift for nearly all my clothes, and all of these costumes can be dug up at a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Pinterest has some really inspiring Halloween costume ideas too.

3. What was the best costume you've ever donned?

One year I dressed as a ballpark hot dog vendor. That was awesome. I was in seventh grade and won the most original Halloween costume contest. Which was probably the greatest moment I had in middle school.

4. What's the most creative costume you've ever seen?

Yesterday I saw a photo of a couple with the guy dressed as Terry Richardson, famous creepy photographer, and the girl dressed as an underage American Apparel model in a velvet unitard and thigh highs. That was pretty amazing.

5. No holds barred: if you could dress up as anything, what would it be? 

This is going to sound nuts, I have always harbored secret fantasies of dressing as Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. I'd wear a historically accurate costume, complete with a hoop skirt to voluminous small children could hide beneath it.

As usual, I’d love to hear your on this topic in the comments! Are you dressing up for Halloween? Do you participate in the holiday or skip it? What's your favorite thing about Halloween?

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  1. This was really fun to read! Halloween is my boyfriend's favorite holiday, and we didn't get to dress up last year. :( But this year we're going as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo! Sooooo excited! And it's all with stuff we already own. :)
    Happy Halloween!

    -Aly @

  2. I just said on Katy's post that I would dress up as Scarlet O hara too! Her dresses were gorgeous and I absolutely loved that movie! Dressing up as Rachel Zoe would be awesome too! I hope you take pictures :)

  3. That pumpkin picture made me laugh out loud!

  4. That's funny--you and Katie both want to wear hoop skirts! As I told her, I've done it before, but not for Halloween. Nope, it was 1988, and it was my senior prom. We shall speak no more of this now.

    I can't decide whether I'm impressed by the Terry Richardson/model pairs costume or ooged out. Maybe both.

  5. My son was Mario last year. That was fun. We usually go to a fall festival and only trick or treat at the neighbors or friends houses. However this year we will be in the caribbean...not sure how that's gonna go. Love your costume idea! And of course who wouldn't want to be Scarlet someday?

  6. That is the best pumpkin I have ever seen! Very Tim Burton. Rachel Zoe is an awesome costume idea... OOC!

  7. lmao I kinda wanted to go as a fashion blogger this year too... I was trying to get my guy friend to be the photographer boyfriend but he really didn't get the joke *sigh*


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