{Wednesday} Guest Post: Linda of Little Tin Soldier on road trips

As most of you know, I'm in New York City this week attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence Conference, eating fabulous food (hello pizza! and bagels! and pastrami on rye!) and shopping and wandering the streets of Manhattan with an enraptured look on my face. Lucky for you, I've arranged a few fantastic guest posts to share with you while I'm gone. Have you ever stumbled upon a blog you immediately fell in love with so hard that you became kind of like a stalker? Well, that's exactly what happened to me regarding the bloggers I'm featuring this week. Today, say hello to Linda of Little Tin Soldier!

I've been reading Linda's blog for awhile, and I love that she posts an illustration of her outfit with outfit photos. Her blog is so unique, and she's a fresh voice in personal style blogging. I know you'll love her as much as I do!

Hello! I'm Linda, the author and illustrator of Little Tin Soldier. I'm honored to wax poetic on Dress With Courage while Elissa is on a big road trip of her own to NYFW!

I grew up on the east coast where road trips infect children at a young age. In less than three hours (sometimes two), you can find yourself in another large city or state. If your parents really loved traveling, you probably visited all thirteen colonies by middle school. Now, as an adult, I live in Texas where one can drive and drive and drive... and still end up in Texas. But don't fret-- road trips abound! I'm often in Austin shopping at IKEA or meeting friends or out in the Hill Country admiring sunkissed fields and towns with quirky names.

In the car, I like feeling comfortable. Out of the car, I like looking polished. When I'm fixin' to leave town, a cotton dress, blazer, and down-to-earth sneakers always do the trick. As an homage to my roots, I carry an oversized Vera Bradley bag and stow my i-Phone, magazines, small sketchbook, and black ink pens. I'm pretty sure I could fit my pug in there, too, but I'll save that funny visual for another post.

Thank you Linda, for guest posting for Dress With Courage!

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  1. So cute, thanks for the intro to a new blogger!

  2. Hooray for Linda! She is my sister in stripes.

  3. Thanks for letting me blog-sit, Elissa! I hope you're having a blast in NYC.

    Yes, Laurel is my sister in stripes. I am pretty sure we would have been BFF in high school, too.


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