Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Five favorite wearable fall trends

This week Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is focused on fall trends. I have to admit that fall is my favorite season to shop for - and not just because we Texans are emerging from the hottest summer ever on record. Fall makes me think of my childhood spent in New York, of leaves crunching underfoot and a chill to the air and wood burning fires and apple cider and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Fall makes me think of the excitement of the first days of school, and new books and sharpened pencils. And fall brings to mind cozy cable knit sweaters and the welcome return of layering.

Every fall I race to my mailbox and lug all the September fashion magazine issues to my room, breath held in anticipation. And every fall I am disappointed. Not because the clothes let me down. Hardly because of that. No, I'm disappointed because the editorials seem geared towards slim, young, tall women. RICH women, who can afford things like sumptuous triple-ply cashmere sweaters from Pringle of Scotland and $32,000 crocodile backpacks from The Row, and I can not. Furthermore, these clothes seem altogether too elegant and luxurious for my daily life. They are clothes to be worn in some millionaire's winter estate in the Berkshires or Vermont or Aspen while sipping hot toddies or something.

So today I present to you my top five favorite wearable fall trends for 2011. These are clothes that were forecast to be big for fall, translated to your daily life and budget. (All images are from Pinterest - you can follow me there as well, by the way.)

Bright Pants

Bright pants wearable? Heck yes. In a sleek fit, and paired with a neutral top, these pants are an easy way to bring some color in your wardrobe. They're also a great way to bring a much-needed spark to fall's typically muted palette.

Maxi Skirts and Cozy Sweaters

This low-key and super-comfortable outfit idea just might replace my weekend jeans and a button-down combo. Even better, I love that I can thrift this entire look with extremely little effort.


Designers are offering many different varieties of ponchos this fall - from heavy, coat-like numbers in boiled wool and tweed, to cable-knit sweater versions, to evening styles in fur and silk. Ponchos are a great option in early fall, when the weather is too warm for a coat but too cool to go without outerwear.

Leather Skirts

Whether mini, tea or maxi length, leather skirts are sumptuous and versatile. This season, designers paired them with casual chic tops such as sweatshirt-like sweaters and button-downs. Forever 21 has a great faux version for just $22, and genuine leather versions can be found by the dozen in thrift stores.

Chunky Loafers

It's refreshing to see a heel that's not a stiletto or sandal, and the heft of chunky loafers pairs well with fall's highly textured clothes. Even better, these are shoes you can actually walk in - the stacked heel gives them balance. I just bought a pair in Marshalls for less than $50;
J Crew, Nine West and H&M all offer versions this fall.

As usual, I’d love to hear your on this topic in the comments! What are your favorite trends for this fall? Do you even pay attention to seasonal fashion trends? Fashion Beauty Friend Friday was created by Katy Rose of Modly Chic. Become a member at the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Google Group to join in the discussion!


  1. I want a leather skirt so bad. I just need to find the perfect one at the thrift store. Right now I just have a suede one that I'm waiting for this baby to be born before I can wear it.

  2. Thank for sharing a wonderfully curated selection of the latest looks. "It gives me ideas," I say as I twirl my moustache with my fingertips.

    Love from Oregon,


    Blue Period

  3. The color! I still have two more months of seriously hot summer. It doesn't end in Phoenix until the end of October. So at least, finally I have something that kind of represents the hell we are still going through. I really like the flowy casual look too but yeahhh I can see a lot of fashion horror from that one. I also really like the prairie chic look that seems rampant. Especially the under toned mixing of patterns. But my favorite part is so much of whats hot for fall is readily available at thrift stores which makes it super fun!

  4. GREEN PANTS!! (that's all I have to say.)

    Oh, yeah, and I love your blog. :)

  5. Have you seen bright trousers anywhere for less than $60 a pair? I am having a horrible time trying to find any--even used on ebay!

  6. I love this post! Excellent suggestions for fall wardrobe additions. Loving the maxi skirt and chunky sweater combo. I think I'm a little too conservative/not fashion ballsy to try the bright trouser trend, but I do love incorporating pops of bright colors elsewhere in an ensemble. High heeled loafers? Um, yes! So easy to put with dresses or trousers. I think ponchos are fun (and super comfortable), but they can look dowdy if we're not careful. I love fall shopping, and I can't wait for this Texas heat to GO AWAY!

  7. i looooove the bright pants trend. i love bright colors on anything. i've also seen some lovely bright pencil skirts as well-- those are my favorite! thanks for posting!!!

    sarah rose


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