An exclusive interview with Angela and Margherita Missoni on the Missoni for Target collection!

The wait is almost over. Tomorrow morning, kaleidoscopic prints and patterns will infiltrate my home and wardrobe courtesy of the much-anticipated Missoni for Target collection.

For decades, style icons and everyday dressers alike have been falling in love with Missoni’s timeless designs.  The secret to their longevity in the world of fashion is impeccable craftsmanship, an unabashed use of color, respect for tradition, ever-evolving creative direction, and most importantly, a desire to make the coveted conceivable to those who seek it.

Target is teaming up with the luxury label to introduce the collection of more than 400 pieces, their largest limited-time designer collaboration to date.  The quintessential Italian designs you may have loved from a distance are now available at prices you can afford.

Mother-daughter duo Angela Missoni and Margherita Maccapani Missoni sat down with Target to talk zigzags, heritage and why they’re so excited for September 13. Target  representatives sent the transcript on to me, and I thought it was too interesting not to share! The interview can also be found at this link.

Why did Missoni decide to partner with Target?

Angela Missoni: We’ve had great success with collaborations and believe they’re important in keeping our brand fresh and allowing us to reach different audiences. We enjoy the Target brand – it’s fun and known for taking risks – and like what they’ve done with their past designer collections. Working with Target, we were able to create a collection that reflects our rich heritage of print, pattern and color combinations at really affordable prices.  

What was your inspiration for the collection?

Margherita Maccapani Missoni: The Missoni brand boomed in the late 1960s, marking an iconic moment in our history, and we felt it was important to return to this era as our inspiration, but updated with a fresh, modern edge. We put a lot of thought into the overall aesthetic of this collection, because with these types of collaborations, you only have one chance to make a statement as opposed to when you’re designing multiple seasons throughout the year as we do for Missoni, so we decided to try to portray what we think is the essence of Missoni for our Target collection.

Were you involved in every aspect of the design and ad campaign?

A: We were very involved, from the inspiration all the way to the ad campaign. Target made multiple trips to Milan to meet with us during the design process, and we travelled to Minneapolis to review the collection before it went into production. We were completely wowed at the final design review.

M: During one of our concept meetings, we were both so excited about the campaign – we were literally cutting and gluing together different portions of the concept boards. From there on, we were involved every step of the way, including weekly calls and trading tear sheets of proposed locations, styling, props and finalizing every little detail. We wanted to create an ad campaign as interesting as the collaboration itself.

Margherita, what was your experience like starring in the ad campaign?

M: It was incredibly exciting to star in the campaign! We shot in iconic locations throughout Milan, such as Duomo, a quintessential Italian outdoor café, and even a street right around the corner from where I live. The 1960s fashion caper theme allowed us to have a lot of fun. It was like our very own Missoni for Target mystery movie!

Were the prints sourced from the Missoni archive or newly created for the Target collection?

A: We worked with Target to create new patterns that represent the spirit of our brand. We started by taking prints from our archives and then worked with Target to update and give them a new life.

Which section (clothing, accessories, home) was the most fun to design?

M: We really enjoyed designing products new and fresh to Missoni, like the bikes and iPad cases – they are so great!

Did it start with just clothing and then collectively you decided to go bigger?

A: Missoni is known for knits but our brand spans an entire lifestyle and Target wanted to share that with their guest at an affordable price.  They approached us from the beginning about a collection that would available throughout their entire store, and by doing so we are able to appeal to every Target guest. The collection looks great, whether it is skirts, pillows or ballet flats, everything is really yummy – we’re convinced a lot of newcomers will get a first glimpse of Missoni!

Do you have a favorite piece from the line?

M: I love the blue zigzag puffer jacket and the black and white zigzag coat.
A: The bike – it is incredible!

European elegance and a nod to the 1960’s are woven throughout every piece of the collection, from knit dresses and silk ties to stationery and patio furniture.  Ranging in price from $2.99 to $599.99, with most items less than $40, Missoni for Target will be available September 13 through October 22.

 See you at Target tomorrow! What pieces are you most excited about?


  1. I love Missoni, thanks for the great interview! I am going to Target after work today. I want to get some tights and one of the floral-style blouses. I am more interested in adding subtle Missoni hints to my wardrobe, rather than a big colorful piece.

  2. I actually wasn't excited per se about the line, because the zig zags aren't quite my aesthetic, but when I went to Target for a few groceries this morning, I couldn't resist shoes for myself, my niece and god daughter, stationary, and a hat and mittens set for my god daughter :-). I just hope people don't walk around wearing it all at once, lol.

  3. A great interview! Would be really interesting to hear their reaction post-launch in such an intimate environment. I loved that last look you posted when I first scoured the lookbook (look 2), but ended up with the zigzag print tee - such a simple piece with a bold design.

  4. I find it fascinating how quickly everyone descended upon Target stores and the website to snatch up the Missoni. I almost feel guilty admitting it, but it's not my cup of tea.

    However, I also feel guilty because the Targets in my town are still completely stocked with product when so many people in other locations are trying to get their hands on it - apparently our population of ranchers and hikers aren't that interested in zigzags. I should just go snatch it all up and sell it on Ebay (did you see that the blankets are going for over $350?) but I have those darn scruples!


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