Almost daily outfit: Country strong 9/2/11

Vintage thrifted Wrangler shirt; Joe's cropped jeans (eBay); Lucky Brand wedges; Buffalo Exchange bag; vintage thrifted belt; Forever 21 and Charming Charlie bracelets; Marc Jacobs watch

I thrifted this generously ruffled 1980's western shirt a few months back. Then I saw my arch nemesis Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong on HBO. These two incidents, I believe, are deeply connected.  First of all, I kind of have a secret fetish for western wear. A pair of worn out Wranglers, a oversized silver belt buckle, and a dusty pair of cowboy boots enrapture me. This shirt led to daydreams of racing horses around barrels and sipping beer out of the bottle in some honky-tonk saloon while Willie Nelson croons softly on the jukebox.

My friend Gwyneth has loftier fantasies, I'm sure. Country Strong had enough melodrama and full-volume diva-esque histrionics to blow even Burlesque out of the water. Paltrow plays a booze and pills burned-out country singer on the edge of collapse. Her performance largely consists of screeching, weeping until the eyeliner runs in rivets down her perfect face, and stumbling around in a drunken manner. But there's a lot to like about this movie. The very best scenes involve watching princessy Paltrow in hysterics, rolling around on the floor, grabbing for a bottle of booze and being mean to Leighton Meester (who's got enough of a case of mean-face herself to make you think she deserves it.) It's almost as crazy as watching Mindy McCready on Celebrity Rehab.

So I dedicate this vintage Wrangler shirt to you, Ms. Paltrow.  It might not have be included in your epic country tear-fest, but it was there in spirit. Minus the dripping eyeliner, of course.

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  1. I loved the necklaces she wore in the movie. Would love to have them. Your outfit looks great. I love that purse!
    I just bought some Old Gringo boots. I have always wanted a nice pair of cowboy boots that had lots of embroidery on them. I finally got them and told my husband they were my early 60th birthday present!

  2. OMG You are adorable!! Seriously, my favorite outfit yet!

  3. You know, I've met Gwyneth a couple of times and she's absolutely is your shirt!

  4. i have a soft spot for western wear as well
    i do believe that shirt you are wearing must have been in the Reba collection from her earlier days lol
    have a great weekend

  5. That's a really cute and fun outfit! I really like it!

  6. I just love that outfit! You look so happy =]


  7. Great outfit! I love the western look too. I have a few pairs of old gringo boots and they go great with everything!


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