On Sundays I Smile - Week in review August 28th

On Sundays I review the past week and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

This week, in preparation for my trip to NYC for the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference, I did some shopping. I feel all kinds of pressure to look my best and hold my own against bloggers I consider both style role models and all-together fabulous people, so I was compelled to bum rush stores in a frantic search for things that would make me look chic while masking the fact that I was trying desperately to look chic.

Somewhat disappointingly, I found plenty of things that kept my money firmly in my wallet. Case above: denim distressed Uggs with a sneaker-like front cap. Now, I like Uggs as much as the next girl. But I can't imagine sauntering into some sophisticated glamorous dimly lit restaurant with these puppies on my feet.

There were also these fetching front-pleated peg-legged Southwestern-inspired jeans from Marc Jacobs. I do not believe I have ever laid eyes on more man-repelling garments in my life. Seriously, Mr. Jacobs? Apparently we all need to look like an  80's mom on her way to drop her kids off at the bowling alley while guzzling Tab. I SWEAR I have seen the vintage version of these jeans in the Salvation Army for about $6. Price on the tags above? $228. My head hurts.

Then it was off to Marshalls for shoes. I am decidedly not a shoe person, but I practically swooned at the offerings from Marshalls this week. Between sumptuous leather Frye stacked sole sandals, patent leather Jessica Simpson pumps, Guess leopard print platforms and Coach ankle boots, I was overcome. I have posts planned this week regarding both my Marshalls trip AND lukewarm relationship with shoes, so stay tuned.

Feeling the urge for vintage, I impulsively decided to make a drive out to Waco to a shop I'd heard about but hadn't had the chance to visit. The Style Station is a little shack crammed full of vintage Levis, 50's dresses, cowboy boots, western shirts, motorcycle jackets, tooled leather handbags, random paraphernalia, seventies maxi dresses, band jackets, and polyester wide-leg pants. The "dressing room" was a corner of the store blocked by a folding mirror, and stuff hung everywhere.

Adding to its charm, the shop is owned by a burned-out ex-hippie with an unmeasurable amount of pent-up conversation stored in him. He was, as my grandfather used to say, a piece of work. With the slightest bit of encouragement he embarked on a punctuation-free soliloquy regarding Middle Eastern politics and the right wing leanings of our government system and the falsehood that is Christianity. I wandered around the store while he just yammered away about who knows what. If you ever make the drive out of Dallas to Austin or other points south on I35, you MUST make a stop at this place. Just bring your ear plugs.

So what did I buy?

This beaten-up, weathered leather satchel from the seventies. It took a little bit of cleaning to remove 40 years of dirt and grime, but it's gorgeous and full of character. And was totally worth the hour and a half drive.

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  1. Those Coach boots? I think I'm having heart palpitations. Holy hell.

  2. i'm not a big shoe girl either, elissa! it feels sacrilegious to admit in this post sex and the city world, but i'd much rather have a new dress. i'm also not really into heels; i almost always wear flats. although i am kind of a sucker for boots, especially cowboy boots.

  3. Looks like a great week. Those Uggs are ridiculous but not as ridiculous as those pants! Yuck!

  4. Your post has inspired me and I'm now off to Marshall's!!! Can't wait to check out the mega shoe shop!


  5. ooh, what is the name of vintage shop in waco? i drive to austin from arlington fairly often.

  6. The name of the store is The Style Station, and the address is 17265 N Ih 35
    West, TX 76691. (Note, southbound take exit 347. if you are northbound on 35, exit 348 and cross over to the west side access road).It's a must stop if you're driving from Waco. Trust me.


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