On Sundays I Smile - Week in Review August 14th

On Sundays I review the past week and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

This week I attended my ever first fashion show. It was held at Tootsies, a high-end women's boutique in Dallas, and attended by people in an income bracket about eight million billion levels above mine. I felt sorely under-dressed and under-made up, but managed to shake my anxiety off (with the help of a glass of champagne...or two) and snap a few photos.

By far, the most epic (and bizarre) moment of the show was a parade of shirtless hunky male models holding items such as purses, shoes and jewelry as they walked down the runway. Cue audience swooning.

Kate Spade's Fall 2011 suede slingbacks. Yes and also please.
There were also clothes to try on and purchase. Sparkly, expensive, gorgeous clothes. Cue me swooning.

It was also this week that my skin took one hard, cold, critical look at me, and promptly decided to freak the hell out. I dragged my pimply self over to Sephora and, at the recommendation of the internet, bought Kate Somersville's Detox daily cleanser and Eradi-Kate blemish control. I've been using the products for two days and so far...nothing.

Does anyone have any recommendations for products to control cystic breakouts? I could really use some advice.

After my Sephora trip, I took my kiddos over to Toys R Us, also known to them as Mecca. They examined Legos and Pokemon cards and Nintendo DS games and more Legos and Wii games and art supplies and yet more Legos. When we hit the cashier with their purchases, my daughter came upon these wondrous ginormous Tootsie Pops. I love Tootsie Pops. Love love love. And she knows it.

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While I'm searching for a paper bag to hide my face under, catch up on everything that went down on Dress With Courage this week:

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  1. I've had acne prone skin all my life. And though nothing as severe as cystic breakouts, it is still been a vicious circle of inflamed skin, enlarged pores and so on.
    I'm currently using La Roche Posay line for acne prone skin and the results have been instantaneous.

  2. Hi! i found your blog through Pam, i like your blog a lot, i think you style is fab. I love your sense of humour and i will follow your blog. As for your skin have you ever considered essential oils - i have a very sensitive, reactive, skin and it has been working for me. I have been using also a new line of product from the Luzern Laboratories, it works wonders as well maybe you could find out more about what i suggested -
    There are a lot of info on the web about essential oils:)

    Take care - Ariane www.stylesud-est.blogspot.com

  3. I love Tootsie Pops EXCEPT for the chocolate flavor! Those giant ones are like a nightmare! :-D

  4. My face has been acting up this week too! It is dry and oily at the same time!! I have no clue what the deal is. If you figure have some sort of recommendations I would love them!

    Looks like you had a fun first fashion show!

  5. Rub your face down with 100% tea tree oil. You will smell like a hippy but your face will be clear in a few days. If you are not in "The mood" put it on before bed and your husband will not come anywhere near you. *Chuckle*

  6. The only thing that worked for me was Doxycyclene. so many doctors and none of them could find the right medication. Go to a dermatologist who had been doing this for half a century. Two weeks later its like I never had acne. Other antibiotics like tetracyclne didn't work. Other than that, for cysts. Accutane. Cyst are the worst kind of acne. Really tough to get rid of. nothing over the counter worked, and believe me I tried everything. Good luck, there painful and hard on your ego!

  7. I check in here every few weeks. Love your well- researched posts. And I would buy any purse that beefcake handed me.

  8. I am a serial lurker on your blog, but I saw the two words that will haunt me and my face for the entirety of my life--Cystic Acne--and decided I would throw in my two cents.

    I won't delve into a super long history of my life with acne, but a few things I have learned along the way. First, do not go out and buy every overly drying product at the drugstore. Do not under any circumstances treat your skin roughly. This means no picking, touching, over washing, harsh products applied multiple times a day, or hot water. Hot water is your enemy. Do not steam cystic acne.

    Second, cystic acne does follow a pattern. Often it flares up during seasonal changes or stressful times.

    My best friends in skincare are as follows: Juice Beauty Acne Kit and Juice Beauty Anti- Aging Kit, especially the sensitive skin green apple peel twice a week; Desert Essence 100% Tea Tree oil, diluted 1 part TTO to 3 parts distilled water until you can tolerate an undiluted formula.

    Also, get thee to a dermatologist if you are so able. You will want to get a professional opinion and access to the restricted treatments. Some medicines worth investigating: Aczone, Clindamycin, Retin-A micro, and Spironolactone.

    I did the whole gamut over the years. From Accutane, to antibiotics to steroids to medicinal grade topicals and every OTC and holistic treatment known to womankind. The biggest lessons learned have been to treat your skin kindly even when it is misbehaving and try not to pile on too many treatments and products.


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