Event recap: Preview party for H&M store opening in Northpark Center

On Wednesday night I was invited to attend a special preview event for the opening of H&M in Northpark Center. The 24,000, two-story store was filled with fashionistas excited to scoop up H&M's fashion-forward clothes and accessories, with an additional 25% off for lucky attendees. With a pounding heart (and open wallet) I was thrilled to be one of the first into the store.

Julie from Rosy + Tart met me there, and we tried to keep our excitement in check. Which was an epic fail. We wanted literally everything in the store windows...as did the swarm of people around us. There were TV crews, and journalists, and PR directors, and photographers, and police officers. It was pretty insane.

Julie and I just before the event began. Photo via Oh So Cynthia.

Once the doors swung open, we were welcomed by a line of waiters offering wine, beer, cocktails and appetizers. And many many pretty things. So many things.

Why is H&M so popular? First, H&M offers yearly designer collaborations which targets those who love top brands such as Stella McCartney and Sonia Rykie, but can't afford to buy them. Such as myself. Take H&M×Lanvin as an example. Lanvin’s clothes range from $1000 to well over $3000. However, the H&M×Lanvin collection ranged from $30 to $200. The same went for their collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld and Viktor and Rolf.

Secondly, H&M's pricing strategy targets young people who love fashion. Clothes and coordinating accessories are affordable and, more importantly, wearable. In addition, H&M's LOOKBOOK teaches customers to wear items differently. Their designs are of higher quality than other fast fashion giants in business as well.

I left with a bag of new clothes and a huge smile on my face. Then Julie and I celebrated with sour cream chicken enchiladas and margaritas. But that's a story for another time.

A HUGE thank you to H&M for the invite to the event - it was an evening I will never forget!

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  1. awesome recap and i can't wait to see some of the goodies you bought! i'm so happy H&M finally opened in Dallas. about time! :)

    cute & little

  2. H&M is like crack so I try to stay away. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I like they have the uber trendy you gotta be 21 to wear it section then other sections that really could fit any age. I really hope they figured out the dressing room issue's that plague Phoenix. Its been dang..three years? Since they opened and I still haven't used the dressing room because the line is always THAT long. Seriously a thirty minute wait, i'd rather return it! Never seen a store that always has a line to try stuff on. So NOW if middlin western notcaliforniaornewyork states could get a Top Shop! The trifecta would be complete.

  3. looks like a fun event!!!!! Can't believe you are just getting an H&M!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! Yay!
    :) f

  5. Sounds soo exciting!! I can't wait to go visit the store! :)


  6. I still haven't been! I need to make it down there and buy some blingy items.

  7. I'm so bummed that I haven't gone to the new H&M but I figured that the opening day it would sell out all its cute clothes and it would be a week or so before they get new shipment haha so I haven't been unfortunately. I heard they had a DJ and everything! I'm so jealous I wasn't there haha


  8. Thinking about making the drive from OKC tomorrow for a dreaded Ikea run. Maybe a stop at H&M will sweeten the deal!

  9. I adore H&M. I'm a teenager currently living in Europe for a few months and I did not expect the clothes here to be so expensive! H&M has amazing clothes within my price range and gives me time to wait for sales in the higher priced stores.


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