Daily Outfit 8/6/11

In my little world, Thursday night means one thing, and one thing only: Project Runway.  This is possibly my favorite show on television. No, scratch that - it's definitely my favorite. My passion for this show runs so deep that I swear, if someone interrupts me while it's on I will stab them in the eye with a knitting needle. ANYWAY, I was stuffing my face full of popcorn when the final runway show of the episode came on, and I was overcome with grabby hands for contestant Joshua M's final look. He utilized aquarium pebbles, netting and tubing to create an adorable crop top and full swing skirt.

Center: Joshua's final look. The dress on the right is constructed from hamster bedding and a dog bed; the dress on the left is made from birdseed. BIRDSEED. Is this show great or what?
Now, I may not have any aquarium pebbles or netting on hand, but I sure as hell have a crop top and full circle skirt. So I took some inspiration from Joshua and combined the two.

Forever 21 crop tank; Forever 21 leopard sports bra; thrifted vintage circle skirt; H&M sandals; Buffalo Exchange python clutch; Urban Outfitters necklace; Dolly Python leather cuff; Forever 21 & thrifted vintage bracelets

The best thing about this skirt? The following:

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  1. Oh that show! I'm completely the same! I loved that look as well (the colors! the pattern!), but I was also completely enamored with the rope shirt with the tie-dyeish skirt. So gorgeous! I'm always so amazed by the creativity of those designers! I love the way that you made that outfit your own, as well. The mod sort of look you've given it with the neutrals is so original!


  2. That look is REALLY working for you! You look adorable :)

  3. The things I miss watching on tv by not only being over here in Oz but also not having pay tv

  4. I love the show too - only problem is it arrives to Hungary real late, I don't know which season we're on at the moment but not this one. :D

    I love it when inspiration can be translated without buying anything new - it's the best thing when a coveted look actually already exists in my wardrobe only I didn't realize it before.

    I also love twirly skirts - I'm wearing one right now. :)

  5. YES, I love a good swishy skirt. Yours is lovely.

  6. Project Runway IS Thursday in my household. Nothing else matters that night* - I have to watch it before I go to bed, or else the Internet will surely spoil it for me the next day. This season is shaping up to be the best one in a while too, if quality of talent, uniqueness of challenges, and judgtastic bitchery are any indication.

    Do you read Tom and Lorenzo's PR recaps? They're hilarious and insightful. You would love them. http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/

    (*except, um, Jersey Shore, but that gets DVRd. Cough.)

  7. LOVE that outfit, so cute! The skirt is amazing with that top.

  8. You look great! I love how loose, yet fabulous this outfit is. I would like to use a pic w/ link for a What They Wore feature. Do you mind?

  9. You look so great in your outfit. I thought the birdseed dress was better than Oliver's dress. It had a McQueen quality and I didn't care that it was a tad short. Also, are you coming to NYC next month? It would be great to meet! XO, Jill in Brooklyn.

  10. Great outfit! I still think birdseed dress was robbed but it was a great episode nonetheless.


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