On Sundays I Smile - Week in Review July 31st

On Sundays I take a moment to review the past week and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

Allow me to begin by sharing a sample conversation between myself and these two very charming little men, Jake and Josh:

Scene: Breakfast room, 8:05 am Saturday morning.

Josh: Mom! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this!!! (holds up Lego creation of indeterminable shape.) This is a Transformers Mario car that opens up and look at this! It totally opens up, can you believe that??? Mom! We should totally go to the Cheesecake Factory tonight. It would be epic. Can we, Mom? Can we?
Me: (Blearily rubbing the last traces of sleep from my eyes.) Dude, it's eight o'clock in the morning. I haven't even had my coffee yet. I can't think about dinner.
Jake: But Moooommm, we haven't eaten there in a long long time. Let's ask Daddy! Daddy loves food and sliders and stuff.
Me: Daddy's out playing golf. We'll ask him when he gets home.
Josh: Oh. (Exasperated sigh.) Okay.
(extended silence)
Josh: Mom! Did you know that bellybuttons are scabs? Because they are, I read it in a book.

End scene.


This week I went to both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack to buy new bras (more on that tomorrow.) Of course I got distracted by a few things - namely, a rack of discounted Kate Spade garments and these unbelievable Christian Loubotain leopard pumps. At only $995! Grabby hands *sob*.

When I got home from my shopping expedition, I traipsed into my closet to hang my new purchases and nearly threw up in my mouth. Clothes, shoes and belts were snaked everywhere, winding around my ankles and draping over hangers. It was time for a closet purge. Five garbage bags later my closet is organized and clean. Even better, there's tons of room for new stuff. Bonus.

And finally, to finish these smiles on a sweet note, I present to you a giant chocolate chip cookie from Corner Bakery. Yes and also PLEASE.

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As I'm pondering whether my bellybutton really is a scab, catch up on my posts from this week:

 I had one blog accomplishment this week:

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  1. Well done on the IFB listing and on the clothes purge! I'm in the middle of a *massive* purge as I'm moving house - woe is me.


  2. I definitely scored big at a local Goodwill - yesterday was their 50% off everything day (which was a surprise to me) and I walked out $57 poorer - but in the real world would have been hundreds. So hooray for that! Two best finds: black velvet ankle boots and a sweet nine west dress that looks just like an impressionist painting *swoon*. Congrats on the 5 bags of purged clothes - those are gonna make someone very happy I'm sure!

  3. I just did a closet purge yesterday, and your blog success post inspired me to write an entire post in response, so thanks for the inspiration. I'd love it if you'd check it out.

  4. Ahaha - nothing like kids to make you smile, that's for sure. And your boys sound wonderful!

  5. Loved reading this sweet and honest post, your blog is made of awesome! I shall catch-up on your posts from the week as soon as I can.

    Envious that you had the will power to complete a closet purge in one day! I need to force my way through another one!

  6. I'm halfway through a massive, ruthless closet purge. Dresses & shirts are done & skirts are almost done. Jackets, tanks, shoes & pants left. Its too hot to work in an unairconditioned closet for too long.

  7. belly buttons are scabs? Out of the mouths of babes.

  8. I need to do a closet purge so badly. Now to decide if I bother selling stuff myself or giving to Goodwill. Probably a lil of both. :)


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