On Sundays I Smile - Week in review July 17th

On Sundays I take a moment to review the past week, and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

I present to you a sandwich that will change your life. Seriously. I'm not one to get passionate about food, but this delectable bite inspires me to write sonnets and paint watercolors and compose maudlin lyrics and prostrate myself on the restaurant floor. It's the club sandwich from Corner Market in the little town of Lakewood, near Dallas. Composed of homemade wheatberry bread, turkey, bacon, avocado, buttermilk mayo and sprouts, this sandwich seduces me into driving 30 minutes to order. It's that good.

And, to entice me even further, attached to Corner Market is a little cupcake shop called Society Bakery, which offers the best cupcakes in the city (and perhaps the world.) Essentially, my message in posting these pics is drive down to Lakewood, gain 10 pounds, and leave blissfully satisfied.

This is a $3.49 Versace yellow body-con dress. This dress literally made me jump up and down when I excavated it from the rack at my favorite thrift store. This is a dress I hugged close to my body (thrift store mustiness be dammed). This is a dress that caused me to emotionally high-five nearly every person that walked past. This is a dress I'm not sure I have the nerve to wear, but I'm hopeful I'll get over that.

Moving on.

I am not known for my gardening skills. As a matter of fact. I hate to garden. I despise getting dirty and sweaty and bugs just aren't my thing and even when, in an act of courage, I buy a potted plant, I manage to kill it. Or it commits suicide, I'm not sure which. So imagine my fear when we discovered our house has a peach tree in our side yard. This tree produces the sweetest, most delicious peaches I've ever eaten in my life. And doesn't require any work at all, aside from a spray with a hose every day. And even I can manage that.

Last night the family and I went to possibly the most country restaurant I've ever set foot in, The Trail Dust Steakhouse. There were scalped ties cut from people who dared to think this was a fancy establishment.There was an open-pit grill. There was a dance floor and live band playing country music. There were people wearing cowboy boots and hats and overalls and  ginormous belt buckles and not in a costumey Halloween way, but in a these-here-are-my-special-going-out-dancing-clothes - y'all way.

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As I'm nursing my heartburn from last night's dinner, here's what went down on Dress With Courage this week:

I had one major blog accomplishment this week:

  • Sal, author of Already Pretty and all-around blogging goddess, included my post on aspirational-sized clothing in her Lovely Links. This is a such an honor.
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  1. Those are all great things to smile about. Especially the Versace. :) I'm also posting about something I'm grateful for on Sundays. http://making50fabulous.blogspot.com/
    A little different from yours but I think it's a good thing to do.

    I'm a fourth generation Texan living in California so I really appreciated the Steakhouse pics. ha ha. They don't let people forget where they are.

    Also I'm following you and have you on my blog roll. See you around.

  2. Wear the Versace!

    But if you ever decide not to keep it, you can sell it to me! :)


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