Thrifting 101, Part 20: Wear and care of thrifted sequins

Today I am guest blogging over on My Edit about wearing and caring for thrifted and vintage sequined garments. I have a long and passionate relationship with sequined clothing. From vintage prom dresses to sequined blouses to long-sleeved beaded gowns to OH MY GOD PRETTY SHINY SPARKLY *grabby hands* DO WANT!!!!!

Anyways, go over to My Edit and check out my post. And while you're there, read Jentine's posts on thrifting and other stuff. She's kind of a goddess.

(Missed any previous parts of the series? Up to this point, Thrifting 101 has focused on tips for newbies and those dealing with the squick factor, advice regarding how to shop at a thrift store, thrifting for the clothing snob, recommendations for finding the best thrift and consignment stores, tips for determining what days are the best for thrifting, a post where I explained my love for thrifting, advice regarding thrift store etiquette, tips for cleaning vintage leather, a post of my favorite thrifting and vintage blogs, tips for identifying and cleaning thrifted jewelry, advice for storing vintage and thrifted garments, and tips for shopping for vintage online. I also discussed influential periods in fashion - for a specific breakdown, see my sidebar for all the links in my Thrifting 101 series.)

Thrifted vintage sequined vest; Current/Elliot jeans; Gap tee; Target gold belt; Forever 21 oxfords; TIKKR watch

(To my Twitter friends who talked me into thrifting this completely ba-nanas sequined vest, THANK YOU. You are the wind beneath my wings.)


  1. that vest is crazy. only on a magical day can it be worn with any seriousness. off to read your guest post now. ciao!

  2. That is a pretty amazing vest! I'm also drawn to sequins, but am a bit intimidated as to how I can incorporate them into my everyday attire. I think it's one of those "jump in and wear" situations though!

  3. Oh yeah! That is bedazzling-ly fabulous. Lucky find! I've got a smattering of sequins on my waistband today, so I'm feeling it too -- but you are IT!

  4. OMG, you've worn THE vest! So cute; I just adore all of the colors!

  5. ZOMG!!! I absolutely adore that vest and am SOOOOOOO glad that you decided to get it. You look freaking fabulous (still pretty sure only you can pull that vest off).


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