Outfit Post: Sweet summertime - Do you shop more in the summer?

Ah, summer. To many, summer conjures up memories of lazy afternoons on the beach, dipping toes into icy water and picnicking on the shore. For other people, summer symbolizes vacations at Disney World or Sea World or Six Flags, with sticky overpriced ice pops and standing on endless snaking lines. Summer might mean a reprieve from school, a road trip, an opportunity to barbecue every evening or nights spent camping under the stars.

For Texans, summer means one thing: Heat. Oppressive, stifling, melt-your-lipstick-into-a-greasy-puddle heat. Summer in Texas is third degree burns on your hands from touching the steering wheel. It is three showers a day. It is two cans of sunscreen a week because the ONLY thing you can think about doing is going to the pool, which by end of July feels about as refreshing as a hot tub.

But don't get me wrong. I hate the winter. A forecast of temperatures hovering around freezing leads me to unleash a string of profanities at Mother Nature, meteorologists, frosted windowpanes and soggy mittens. I spend the majority of winter huddled under down throw blankets, nursing mugs of tea while shivering next to my space heater. I hate gray snowy days. I abhor the time it takes me to heat up my car. I despise the fact that I always, ALWAYS lose one of my gloves during the first cold snap. I become a cranky, irritable, whiny douchecanoe filled with melancholy, reminiscing about days spent outdoors on restaurant patios drinking coffee, people watching, and blissfully bathing in sunlight.

However, if I was forced to admit to one enjoyable thing about winter, it would be dressing for it. Winter clothes are cozy and sensuous. Sometimes, when getting dressed on frigid mornings, I liked to pretend I'm a chic 1960's snow bunny vacationing in Aspen or St Moritz or some other glamorous wintry place. I would wear cozy sheepskin coats and hand knit scarves and adorably fluffy ear muffs with an charming, girlish look on my face. My hunky investment banker boyfriend would whisk me through aspen woods to our enchanted snow-covered cabin, luxuriously appointed in antlers and Ralph Lauren furniture and Native American textiles. He'd light a massive fire and play records while I nibbled on tapas and sipped red wine. It would all be very mountain resort opulence, with sable furs and Scandinavian quilts and four-ply cashmere sweaters and Turkish coffee laced with brandy. And horses. Horses we would ride bareback. Because that's how they do it in the Swiss Alps. Or so I've seen on The Travel Channel.

Despite my penchant for wool and velvet and cashmere, I cannot deny that summer clothes are both less expensive to shop for and much more fun. Tee shirts, simple cotton dresses and flowy maxi skirts are the foundations of my summer wardrobe, and I rarely (if ever) spend more than $30 on a garment. I feel more inclined to wear color and prints in the summer, and stores are more than eager to meet my demands. So Yes! I say, to strappy layered tanks. Yes! to metallic strappy sandals. And YES YES YES I MUST HAVE THAT GIMME GIMME to sunglasses and gauzy tunics and sleeveless blouses and cutoff shorts. There's always something new to buy - a bright pair of denim shorts, a floral skirt, a silk blouse. Furthermore, a stream of sunny, warm days only intensifies the impulse to shop. With layers impeding progress, shopping is infinitely more complicated in the winter, what with down coats, heavy sweaters and scarves to drag around.

The NY Times recently published an article regarding fast summer fashion, with the opinion that lower prices and a larger inventory encourage consumers to spend more on apparel in the warmer months.“People shop and dress differently in the summer,” said Catherine Moellering, the executive vice president of the Tobe Report, a trend forecasting firm. "Dressing is simpler, not as tricky. We all give ourselves a bit of a break.” Furthermore, she added: “The availability of inexpensive, high-turnover, trend-driven fashion encourages people to shop more often, because they know that they’re going to see something different, and that’s what they’re looking for.”

Fashion chains such as H&M, Forever 21, J Crew and Zara have become adept at churning out warm weather fashion, often replenishing inventory weekly or even daily. In summer, fabrics are lighter and less expensive to reproduce in nearly every segment of the marketplace. As a result, shoppers are quicker to open their wallets and buy items from a variety of stores, picking and choosing from different departments.

Now I ask you: Do you tend to shop more in the summer? Which season do you enjoy dressing more for, summer or winter? 

Thrifted Ann Taylor blouse; thrifted Theory skirt; White Mountain sandals; estate sale vintage clutch; Old navy belt; Charming Charlie bracelets

Get the look!


  1. I ADORE that skirt!

    Although Summer is my favorite season, I think I enjoy shopping for fall/winter clothes more than Summer ones. Something about buying new boots and sweaters makes me feel like a kid again.

    One of the reasons I love thrift stores so much is I can buy stuff for all seasons all year round!

    md / stufffast.blogspot.com

  2. I'm with you! I love me some sweaters and boots, but come spring and summer I'm at Target and Old Navy scouring the clearance racks for gauzy, flowy, bright, and floral finds. I wear things this time of year my buttoned up schoolmarm self wouldn't dare wear. Today, it's a bright kimono with beaded necklace that hangs waaaaaay down paired with my fall-ish fryes. (it's cool today in Ohio!) Tomorrow maybe the maxi dress. Who knows? But I do love summer dressing:)

  3. Thats a great question...I'd say I enjoy summer shopping better because it is such a novelty around these parts. I'm in the north east, New Hampshire and we have about 8 weeks of summer. Blink and you'll miss it;)

  4. I prefer wummer, I think that will be my new word for the winter in Phoenix. I'm still wearing most of my summer clothing but I occasionally throw on a long sleeve t-shirt or go crazy and wear a sweater! But I find summer to be more of a challenge, especially here. Over the years I've learned it has HAS to be a natural cotton. It's all I can wear and since the summer here is darn near six months out of the year. I have to make sure I don't get to lazy. Its cute when other states wear cut off blue jeans for a couple months it gets real old when its all you see for half a year. Anywho love your skirt, REALLY love your shoe's!:)

  5. I was thinking about this same topic yesterday. I absolutely love Summer with all my heart and I prefer dressing for Summer than Winter. I despise Winter and shop out of need more than desire. I shop more in the Summer because the clothing are more inexpensive than Winter clothing as well as more fun. But what I do enjoy about Winter shopping is the type of clothing such as boots, coats, scarves, gloves...the fashion of it not the necessity of covering up.

  6. I definitely think that summer weather is easier to shop for, but I actually don't think I shop more in any given season. The main reason for this is that I am too poor to shop ever, so I am very very frugal with how often I shop. I probably only tend to shop once per season.

    That all being said, I would really really like to go shopping right now. Its been awhile and I am on a shopping ban. The local thrift stores are calling out my name.

  7. I shop more in the summer because I have more time then (I teach). It's also more fun to buy "play" clothes than "work" clothes. (Foolishly, I refuse to shop for back-to-school outfits in August because I'm still in summer mode and don't want to think about school).

    I like the style and feeling of summer clothes best, but you are right that winter provides more options for sophistication, perhaps, because of all the different kinds of jackets and layering that you can do.

  8. It's pretty warm here all year, but I do shop more in the summer, because I like the prices of tees, cotton tops and, like yours, long cotton skirts. Trying on is easier too when you're just wearing flip-flops on your feet.

  9. Love that outfit, and the way your red hair looks in the sunlight!!

    I tend to shop more in the chillier months, because I don't feel comfortable in most of the skin-baring styles shown in the summer. I have far too many cold-weather clothes, though, that I only wear once or twice a year!

  10. What a great summer look! I think I shop pretty equally for the seasons. I actually love buying dresses that will work for both with a turtleneck underneath.

  11. interesting question. I think I shop the same amount in winter & summer but I get more items in the summer simply because summer clothing (for the most part) is cheaper.

  12. I actually dress more formally in winter than I do in summer. I think my shopping habits (all thrifting) remain pretty much the same. I ventured into several retail stores this week for the first time in years, because I needed a dress appropriate to being the matron of honor...and I was shocked at how low prices were, but it still took me 6 stores to find the dress I needed.

  13. Actually, I would say that I shop less in the summer. Part of it is that summer is fleeting here in Michigan; I only need three months' worth of summer clothes but I need nine months' worth of winter clothes. The other part is that since it is finally nice outside, I'd rather be out there in the sun than in a store!

    I would say that I enjoy dressing more in the summer. It's so simple: dress, shoes, jewelry. In the winter one has to deal with tights and long underwear and coats, etc., etc.

  14. what a great find that skirt was! My goodness.

    I think I DO tend to shop more in the summer...mostly because I go OUT a lot more in the summer...more weddings, showers, parties, bbq's etc. And we have to be fashionable for it all, no?
    I am with you though..much easier to dress in maxis and cotton dresses BUT .....wool, leather and cashmere all the way baby!

  15. I HATE the summer. H.A.T.E.

    I can't stand the sun, the heat, the sweat... why even get dressed? My hair is wet all day from both showers and sweat. And what make up? It melts away as soon as I step out the door. I yearn for dry heat. But alas, I live in Texas so I have to suck it up.

    I used to shop less in the summer because I couldn't justify buying clothes for a season I loathe. I simply could not bring myself to buy shorts or summer dresses (tank tops/spaghetti straps are my nemesis). That was until I discovered thrifting. Now, I'm pretty excited to see what I can find that will make this season a little bit more tolerable.

    However, my heart lies with the winter. I'd say fall but there's no such thing in Texas, so winter it is.


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