Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Summer trends

This week, Fashion Beauty Friend Friday posed the following question: What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc.)

To be perfectly frank, I don't pay all that much attention to fashion trends. I enjoy wearing what I want to wear, and I rely on other personal style bloggers for influence much more than magazines. However, there are a few trends I'm excited to try out, and a couple of wonderful things you can only have in the summer. I trolled Pinterest for images to back up my thoughts.

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1. Bright color blocking

All of my recent thrifting trips have included a quest to uncover bright pieces in shades of pink, red, blue, and green. It takes serious courage to wear these colors together, but the effect is so fun and cheery for summer.

2. Neon nails

Am I brave enough to execute this on my own nails? Probably not. But it would make for an awesome pedicure.

3. Vintage and vintage-inspired sun dresses

Another routine thrifting quest? Vintage sundresses. When it gets as broiling hot as it does here in Texas, there's nothing easier than pulling on a cotton dress and calling it a day. I'm always inspired by feminine shapes, and a pretty cotton dress with a nipped-in waist is so flattering and easy to wear in the summer.

4. Fruit

What would summer be without watermelon, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, cherries and melon? When I think of summer, these are the foods that first come to mind. I could eat nothing but fruit salad all summer and be perfectly content. And tell me those colors aren't inspiring!

5. Silk blouses

Silk feels cool and luxurious in the summer, and is much dressier than a cotton tee when paired with shorts or a short skirt. Even better, silk blouses are a super affordable option in thrift stores, usually priced around $4-$6.

6. Colored jeans

It's so steamy here that just the thought of pulling on a pair of jeans makes me perspire. But these look so unexpected and fresh. I love the idea of pairing colored jeans or pants with a neutral top.


  1. Aww LOVE all of these! Those yellow shorts are eye popping gorgeous! I am taking every chance I get to wear all my hot colors this season :) Happy Friday beautiful! I wonder if it's as hot in McKinney as it is in Houston right now. Ekk!

  2. Did you see the red Hudson jeans Katy posted a link to? WANT!

  3. Love all your picks. I'm such a sucker for neon nails!

  4. I'm always curious when someone talks about silk clothing. Are these clothes actually silk? Often what people call silk is rayon or another man-made fabric. If you're finding 100% silk blouses more than sporadically, I want to come visit your thrift stores.

  5. Yes, I find 100% silk blouses all the time! You just have to dig around a bit, but they're there. I bought three the last time I was at The Salvation Army, and all were priced around $6. Those at Goodwill are priced slightly cheaper. Happy digging!

  6. LOVE all your top five!!! I will definitely be rocking some of those myself!!! Have a great weekend Elissa!

  7. i love these, elissa...but i have to ask: i'm a super-sweat hog, and silk makes me sweaty. what, if anything, do you do so you don't sweat your brains out in summer heat? because they're so beautiful (sans sweat-rings, of course...) :)

  8. Love the Vintage dresses! Nothing better than a cute cotton dress in the summertime!
    keri bohemian backbone

  9. Yes, to the fruit and bright colors!

  10. Coloured jeans are top of my list of things to buy this season!! Those neon nails look amazing!!

    Great post :)

  11. Ahh... .all this talk about colored jeans makes me really want to find a pair that is perfect for me - preferably red ones like in the picture above. They are just so much fun and summer-ish. - Katy

  12. i love the colored jeans!! but i have a really hard time finding them anywhere. as far as the neon nails go, i don't think i'll ever do that trend, but it looks so cute on the girls i've seen do it!

  13. Colored jeans and silk skirts along with neon nail equals an AWESOME combination of trends!!


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