Week in Review: May 1 (with love thrown towards road trips)

I've led quite the charmed life, in truth. Sure, there were a few miserable years in middle school. A teenybopper heartbreak. The loss of close relatives.  I might not be rich - not financially, anyway - but I have a lot to be grateful for. Between the kids, the husband, the friends, the house, the closet clogged full of vintage, I'm pretty much a fat cat, livin' large and such.

But two years ago, I was withering away in dark times. See, I was living in Iowa. Iowa in and of itself is a lovely place. Green and lush in summer, populated by kindly people who drive below the speed limit and pickle their own vegetables and bring over homemade soup when you're sick, it's a laid-back state that emphasizes family values and simpler times. It's also cold as a witches tit. It's so cold that fog freezes. And it's so snowy that you'll go through TWO snowblowers before the winter's done. Basically, Iowa made me her bitch. Just one December there transformed me from a happy-hearted free spirit into a whimpering, shivering, whining crankapotamus.

While there are wonderful things about living in the Midwest, I am just not cut out to be a small town country suburban mom. I don't drive a pickup. I hate to garden. I have a proclivity towards driving a minimum of ten miles over the speed limit. I don't know the first thing about making casseroles. And I'm not a fan of scrapbook parties. Along with PTA involvement and book clubs centered around Christian novels, these all seem to be necessary requirements for moms out in Iowa. Despite my best efforts, I would never quite fit in.

Blessedly, life here in Dallas suits me quite nicely. The Dallas-Fort Wort area is enormous, populated by a diverse section of people, and houses an extensive number of smaller neighborhoods all within driving distance.
So during the week, I take a lot of road trips. And road trips make me extraordinarily happy. I love driving to a Goodwill that hasn't been stripped clean by hipsters. I cackle over roadside shops with the words "stuff" or "junk" in their name. And there's nothing better than pulling in to a little country restaurant, ordering a basket of fried pickles, and eavesdropping on the heated conversations between old men in overalls.

Mostly, though, I really love when I catch sight of something I don't always get to see. Such as the 1940's pickup with a tempting for sale sign on the dash. 

Or a farmer's market with rows of fresh homegrown veggies.

Or a gas station selling cheesesteaks. Which is probably the very last food I would EVER consider purchasing at a gas station.

What are some simple things about your town that make you happy? In what ways do you lead a charmed life?

While you're pondering those questions, here's what went down on Dress With Courage this week:

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  1. Elissa, Yesterday I felt like I was leading a charmed life as I worked an event in San Antonio..I hope you will stop by to read about a moment I experience with a soap star and a new jewelery designer...it was cool. have a wonderful day!!

  2. I love it. I don't know the first thing about making casseroles, either. And i love your writing- still. SO glad you didn't buy a cheesecake.

    Things I love?
    Exactly what you said. Going to a little country restaurant, ordering a delicious home-cooked-like meal, and eavesdropping on the old, country men.

  3. I live in the suburb of Parker, Colorado and while most of the town is covered in newer cookie cutter houses and little hand planted trees, we sought out one of the only neighborhoods that is old with mature trees. We have deer, foxes, antelope and coyotes just roaming around. We have blue jays! I lived in Parker in one of those newer cookie cutter houses with little hand planted trees for 5 years and never saw a blue jay! There are so many varieties of birds out here and just last Christmas got to see my very first Cedar Waxwing. I might as well have been seeing the Queen of England, so was my joy!

    But the very best thing about where I live is the view. Our neighborhood sits up on a hill, through a valley (where the deer and the antelope play) and when I go out to the top of my street I am blessed with a killer view of the Rocky Mountains...all covered in snow. Sigh. I can't help but tell my kids every day how lucky we are to be able to live amongst such beauty especially when 95% of the whole rest of the city never get to experience what we do. "We know, mama, we know..."


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