Outfit Post: Miranda Kerr wants you to know about her underwear

Allow me to share a cringe-inducing little tidbit from a recent People Magazine:

Miranda Kerr’s flawless post-baby body has everyone a little jealous. The Victoria’s Secret Angel, mom to son Flynn, 4 months, with husband Orlando Bloom, bounced right back after giving birth, even hitting the runway in a Paris fashion show.  The model mom says she’s most comfortable when she’s “just in knickers,” hanging around the house with Bloom and Flynn. “People have come to the house and I’m just in my knickers,” she reveals. “[But] I feel like it’s more appropriate to have knickers on than being completely naked.”

If pressed, I'll admit that I've engaged in a few innocent dalliances with US Weekly and People. I have read more than my fair share of exposes on the size and incubation of one's baby bump; the botched plastic surgery attempt of certain b-list celebrities; and pages and pages of baby daddy gossip. I've taken those insipid little tests regarding what my perfume says about my personality, which real housewife I would be in real life, and which celebrity hot spot I should visit during my next luxury vacation (hello, Phuket.) I've examined photos to determine which starlet wore those hideous peach jeans the best. Apparently, this is a thing right now. Peach-colored jeans WILL BE the next blogger red pants. Put your money on it. I've studied Candy Spelling's floorplan and wept white hot tears over the breakups of Courtney Cox and David Arquette/Christina Aguilera and Jordan Brattman/Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. Actually, that last one I'm not so torn up about. Because it means Bradley is available, and I have a shot. Bradley, call me.

Anywhoo. I have been there, people. So I suppose that's why I wasn't so shocked by Miranda Kerr's "I'm so squeally suuuuppppeeeeerrrr comfy in my knickers, teehee" comment. For one thing, once your eyes have been photo-raped by Britney Spears' c-section scar (hello, panty-less crotch shot summer of 2006) you've seen it all. For the time being, let's ignore the snarky, insulting message that Miranda lost her baby weight faster than you did, you fat cow, can't you get your lazy ass off the couch? It's the prancing around the house in her undies that I'd like to focus on. Ms. Kerr is a Victoria's Secret supermodel. Either she's totes getting paid to gush about wearing her undies around the house, or she's a devoted fan of underwear in general. I have no doubt that Miranda spends hours lounging around her immaculately decorated ocean-front limestone mansion in nothing more than a pair of lacy boyshorts and a boned corset three sizes too small for her heaving bosom. She and Orlando probably spend hours having sex on top of the changing table and heating up bottles and preparing homemade baby food in less clothing than their entire baby's layette. I suppose her friends should be happy she wears clothes at all. Naked time for everyone! Weeee!

Personally, when I think of a comfortable choice in clothing to wear hanging around the house, I do not think of my underwear. Underwear is designed to stay under clothes - whether they be leggings and tee shirts or sweatshorts or whatever. I did not grow up in a naked house. My parents were firm believers in sheathing our naked bits in layers of clothing, preferably made from wool. And even now, as a fully grown adult, I don't prance around the house in my skivvies. I can only imagine the horror this behavior would cause - the assault of a splash of hot oil against my uncovered stomach while cooking dinner; the giggling of my children as I emptied the dishwasher; the outright staring of the UPS man when accepting a package; the snickers from friends while serving up cocktails in a push-up bra and satin tap pants. Nope, when I want to be comfortable around the house, I dress in ancient pairs of Old Navy sweats and college tees and maybe, if I'm feeling risque, a Gap body tank.

I'm truly curious to find out if you hang around the house in your underwear. Is this something you're comfortable with? Do you enjoy being naked at home? Why or why not? What do you throw on at the end of the day?

Vintage thrifted silk shirt; vintage Ann Taylor silk skirt; Old Navy belt; vintage thrifted Coach satchel; White Mountain clogs; thrifted (St. Vincent de Paul) Michael Korrs watch; Forever 21 rhinestone bracelet


  1. So funny and well done, Elissa!

    I am with you on the comfy tees and (for me) knit work-out shorts around the house, like right now. Ahhhhhh.

    Bradley is available, for real?

  2. So well written!
    An underwear model wearing undies as loungewear, not at all a payed add, no no!
    I do sometimes wear undies around the house, always in the summer time. After coming home I just strip the outer layers of clothing and remain in my underwear to cool down. I put my clothes back on afterwards.
    My lounge wear consists of sweats, t-shirts, thai fishermen's pants and maxi dresses in the summer oh and pajamas. I have sets of pajamas specifically for day wear only, but I never leave the house wearing one.

  3. I love reading your posts! They are so well written and always have a great topic! I don't prance around in my underwear, but I do tend to just wear a tank and some short (and I mean they could be underwear- short) pj shorts when I'm home (in warmer weather, more if its cooler). But I think it's because I really love pjs! I usually get the cute sets from Target - and they just make me feel pretty!
    I also probably don't have a problem wearing very little since I have been a swimmer my whole life and lounge around in bikini's whenever possible. But I think that you have to wear what you feel comfortable in and what is flattering.

  4. I went to write a comment and it ran too long so I made it a blog post instead. Thanks for introducing a great topic and sharing your humour with us.

  5. I have to admit, I also enjoy lounging around in my underwear. Not all the time, and of course it depends on the temperature, but sometimes it's nice not to put anything else on when you wake up. And I feel like I'm a little more productive than when I lounge in sweatpants. Sweatpants and pajama bottoms make me want to curl up on the couch and not move.

  6. While physically I am no Miranda Kerr, my biggest pet peeve is not being able to be in whatever state of nakedness I feel like being in at my own house. It's why I hate having a roommate, however financially necessary it may be. In public, I am beyond happy to comply with standard codes of dress and grooming. I am by no means an exhibitionist. I just want to be comfy at home. And sometimes for me, comfy is naked or underwear only or very skimpy pjs.

  7. I think a person should be allowed to be in whatever state of undress they prefer while home. That being said, I prefer to be as clothed as possible at all times. Its just more comfortable for me. I am not a big fan of being naked, and I am also a naturally cold person (seriously, it can be the middle of summer and I am still freezing), so you will almost always find me at home in lounge pants and t-shirt. If it is really hot I may throw on a pair of shorts. But never, ever, will I spend my time in my skivvies or in the nude.

  8. I live in San Antonio, TX where it seems like it is always HOT outside and air conditioned inside. I dont mind it at all. I am one of those girls who never really gets cold... blast that AC boyfriend, I don't mind!
    I usually wear a tank top and boy shorts around the house. Heck I even wear that out in the backyard when I am watering the plants or skimming the pool.

  9. what a fun read! made me giggle :o) I do enjoy being in underwear/naked because it's so careless and it reminds me of my childhood days. however, I would never have anyone else than my family see me like that and on top of that, living in Switzerland, 80% of the time it is too cold for that kind of fun anyways.

  10. I'm an old lady..I prefer loose nightgowns and muu-muu's....muu-muu's are for walking dogs around the neighborhood (hey they have pockets and I wear underclothing)--nightgowns for around the house only...and yes I might even buy said muu-muu's from Blair's (you know the old lady catalog that your 90 yr old grandmother shops from)...

  11. I usually do like to lounge around in a t-shirt and panties. Definitely does depend on the weather but usually this is the norm. I also prefer to sleep in the nude. It feels so freeing and cozy!

  12. As bizarre as it sounds I was literally just thinking about this topic before I found your blog - I was wondering what other people wear around the house when they live alone or are just home alone.

    I usually wear pj's, or some random old t-shirt and leggings.


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