Thriting 101, Part 11: My favorite thrifting and vintage blogs

Thrifting has always been a solo activity for me. While I appreciate the value of an afternoon spent shopping with friends, encouraging each other to spend money and hunting down that perfect pair of wedges, I've never accompanied a group to a thrift or vintage store. To be honest, I'm mostly unsure why. I do know that I'm in a thrift store far longer than any other retail venue, and perhaps I hesitate to drag someone along who shops on a time limit. I'm also sensitive to the fact that thrifting isn't for everyone. Friends who have allergies, are adverse to spending an extended amount of time on their feet, find used clothes squicky or become frustrated over an unsuccessful thrift venture will take no pleasure in following me around the Goodwill. I understand that.

However, through the wonderful world of blogging, I've found an enthusiastic community of fellow thrift and vintage store devotees. These are people who speak my language. They share my joy over a thrifted Escada skirt, seventies sequin beaded tops, and vintage denim. They know the vernacular - the GW, the SAL, the SVDP. They keep track of sales days and make their calendars bleed with red ink posting the dates. They upload YouTube videos of their hauls, refuse to disclose their favorite stores, and fill blogs with posts about the fascinating world of thrifted and vintage clothes.

Ever since I began my Thrifting 101 series, I've wanted to share blogs that showcase the joy of thrifting and vintage. Here are my favorites.

General Thrifting and Vintage Blogs:

  • Sammy Davis Vintage: Both a store and a site, Sammy Davis posts informative tips regarding identifying vintage clothing and DIY's for thrifted items. I especially love her series on celebrity vintage icons and collection of YouTube videos regarding vintage. 
  • Thrift Store Confidential: This site is a tremendous resource for articles, tips and thrift store reviews. Whether you have a question regarding cleaning thrifted jewelry, or want to find the best Goodwill in the NYC area, you'll find an answer here. 
  • Things I Found At The Thrift Store: From design inspiration to thrifting videos, this site is a witty and informative collection of posts pertaining to thrift and vintage. I especially enjoy that this site is from a male perspective, allowing me to see thrifting from a different point of view.
  • High Plains Thrifter:  Outfit posts, store reviews, favorite links, thrifting hauls, cleaning tips, and vintage photographs and advertising are included in this blog from a Midwest thrifter. 

Thrifting Inspired by Couture: 
  • Goodwill Huntingg:  This site follows the adventures of a blogger who recreates couture and high-end looks from vintage and thrifted finds. Her outfit posts are a continued source of inspiration for staying current while shopping on a tight budget.
  • Style. Spot. Run: Another best friend in my head, this site links thrifted items with this season's runway trends. A glamorous take on thrifting, the author showcases how secondhand can be repurposed into a high-end look.

 Personal Style Blogs by Thrifters:

  • My Edit: Jentine is the cool girl you dream about thrifting with. She provides impeccable advice regarding what to thrift for, how to identify a genius find, and how to clean thrifted items. I especially admire her personal style - no one makes thrifted and vintage clothing look better.
  • Thriftaholic: A collection of vintage photographs, outfit posts and store reviews with a tightly edited blogroll (which alone is worth visiting for.)
  • The Concrete Catwalk: The personal style blog of an avid thrifter and Etsy store owner, this site is a fresh take on mixing vintage with current pieces. Jessie is quirky, smart, and knows how to work high-rise jeans. 
  • Time Enough For Drums: A dreamy visual diary of a thrift and vintage lover. I especially love how the blog author includes us in the inspiration behind her outfits, whether though illustration, movie stills, or book pages. 
  • The Wrinkled Dollar: Whenever I become discouraged after a fruitless morning spent thrifting, I visit this blog. The author manages to dig up the most incredible pieces for less than $6 per purchase. Outfit posts also help illustrate her creativity with bargain-basement finds.
  • T Minus, T Plus: A thrifting blog for plus-size women that illustrates you don't have to be straight sized to partake in the joy of thifting. Tina beautifully combines pieces from thrift stores with mass market brands, and her outfit posts are stylish and current.
  • Fashion Nette-Work: Juanette is a master thrifter and especially talented at wearing bold colors and bright prints. And I have never seen someone with better accessories - her vintage purses and bold jewelry are to die for.

Are you curious about the previous posts in my Thrifting 101 series? Up to this point, Thrifting 101 has focused on tips for newbies and those dealing with the squick factor, advice regarding how to shop at a thrift store, thrifting for the clothing snob, recommendations for finding the best thrift and consignment stores, tips for determining what days are the best for thrifting, a post where I explained my love for thrifting, advice regarding thrift store etiquette, and tips for cleaning vintage leather.

Do you have any favorite thrifting and vintage blogs you regularly read? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. I feel so special that included me. Thanks, Elissa!

  2. oooh, i can't wait to check out these other great resources that you posted about! and thanks for the mention, love!!! by the way, i emailed in my info for that casting call... eek! XOXO

  3. I WRITE a thrifting/vintage blog regularly. ;)
    And, of course, What I Wore Jessica still integrates lots of vintage and vintage inspiration. Her blog is a fave of mine.

  4. Hello. I found this post (and you) via The Concrete Catwalk. Fantastic! I'm a devoted thrifter (with so many great clothes bought--at retail prices--and rejected by others, why NOT thrift?), and have been seeking out style blogs by like-minded souls. I'd already found a few of the blogs on your list, but most are new to me. Oh, happy I want to go hit up Goodwill!

  5. Hi there, thank you for including me in your list-- I'm flattered! If you were in Chicago we could definitely thrift together. I'm pretty much a lone thrifter too but my friend Albert will tag along to flea markets/estate sales.

  6. I didn't make the cut! Color me sad :( do you take bribes?!?

  7. THANK YOU for introducing me to these new blogs and proving some much needed inspiration! I will surely become an avid follower.

  8. Thanks, Elissa...what great information you have here...I am going to spend some time with these sites.

  9. Hello Elissa and fellow thrift warriors!!!

    So happy and truly humbled to have been included on this fantastic list of thrifters and thriftcinados ;-)

    Looking forward to connecting with you all of you very soon on Sammy Davis Vintage! xoxo

  10. Hi, I'm here from Concrete Catwalk. New follower!

  11. Oh, I am so excited to find your blog. New follower!

  12. I was so excited about this post, and I was not disappointed when I read it. I checked out quite a few of the sites you recommended (some I had heard of, some I had not)and learned a lot about thrifting...and was inspired to keep trying it. I have such a hard time finding items I will wear. I think you have to be very patient with it. And I lack patience. So thanks for this thrifting series and I look forward to reading more!

  13. I've had to revamp my wardrobe after weight loss and thrifting has made it a blast! Love your series. You & Jentine have both inspired me to keep thrifting & pick up the occasional sequined top (a first!). :)
    I also think Juanette's "fashion nette-work" blog is pretty awesome (no bribing req'd).

  14. Aw, thanks so much for including me! Too sweet of you! I just went thrifting yesterday, actually, and scored (yet another) black paisley scarf. I'm with you there on thrifting alone: I usually spend about 1.5 hours at the thrift every time I go. I like to take my time, sift through every rack, so I don't like going with friends cause I'm so slow! They always seem to be done in 10 minutes...

  15. Yes! I was waiting for this post :)))) Thank you for all of the linkage Ive never heard of!

  16. Thank you for the sweet write-up! I have gotten more joy from the blog since I started turning it more into a direct thrift direction.
    We never did thrift together in Austin... one day we shall. I feel like there will be no talking, all looking...haha, we're serious!

  17. Omg! You are the BEST! Just saw this now and I can't stop blushing;-) Looking forward to connecting with other thrifters.


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  19. So happy to find your blog. My daughter & I are fellow thrifters too. Check out the blog that we share together sometime. The URL is:

    Happy Holidays!



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