Outfit Post: Beep beep, beep beep, yeah

A long, long time ago, I had this car.

I was one of the very few teenagers in this country who had absolutely no desire to learn to drive when I became of age. It just wasn't a big deal. I happily took the subway and bus to high school, and was perfectly content to leave any further transportation needs to my mom or boyfriend du jour.

High school graduation changed things, though. In order to commute from my mom's house to college, I needed to drive. Thankfully, a generous uncle paid for my driving lessons, and after I passed my road test his son offered me his 1980 Honda Prelude in return for driving it down from his university in Connecticut. I was grimly informed that the car didn't have working heat or air conditioning. To make matters worse, the windows rolled only halfway down and the radio refused to work at the mere hint of precipitation. Yet I was thrilled to get a car for free - any car. 

I still wasn't expecting was I saw when I arrived to pick it up.

My cousin, an alternative-music fan and musician, had spray-painted song lyrics over every single inch of that car. In red spray paint. And I should also mention that some of these lyrics contained profanity that would've made George Carlin blush. I was shocked, but secretly delighted. This was a car that would get attention, a car that I'd always be able to find in the mall parking lot, a car that made up in sass what it lacked in size.

And hey, it was free. I wasn't about to let a few choice words get between me and a much-needed mode of transportation. So my R-rated little car and I made our way down from New Haven to Long Island. During the four hours of highway driving I feared I was going to cause a collision at any moment. Children pointed and waved, elderly couples looked horrified, and I received quite a few thumbs-up from bikers on Harleys. Clearly this was a car to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, my mother did not share their appreciation for my traveling art installation. Two days after arriving home my profane little car was painted back to its original color, a rather staid metallic silver. I'm not sure I would've had the nerve to drive it around as a moving billboard anyway.

What was your first car like? Were you excited to get your driver's license, or did it terrify you?

Thrifted J Crew blazer; thrifted silk J Crew blouse; thrifted Seven for All Mankind jeans; thrifted J Crew suede boots; Forever 21 necklace' thrifted Coach bag (all cleaned up!)


  1. You are so cute! I never would have pegged you for a cuss word car driver, but I like it.

  2. Gorgeous blazer, I love the little details. Though I couldn't help but notice that the sleeves are a bit long.
    As for the driving license: I couldn't wait to get mine. To me the ability to drive a car by myself represents one of the greatest freedoms. I love to drive off alone on a sunny day, music blazing. Sheer bliss!
    I've never had a car of my own yet, no need for it yet. But I love the story of your traveling art installation. :-)

  3. what a gorgeous thrifted Coach bag!! it definitely channels a bit of Mulberry in its classic shape.

    and what a great first car story. mine is unfortunately not that interesting, but i was super excited to start driving!

    cute & little

  4. I don't remember being super excited to get my license, it was just something I was supposed to do. My daughter took driver's ed this spring and has her permit, but has NO desire to continue practicing with us to get her license in September when she turns 16. It freaks her out. She does fine, she's just nervous. We'll have her do it anyway, so that she will have her license and can drive in emergencies. I think that's important to have that fallback.

  5. I love the blazer, looks great on you and dresses up the jeans!

    I couldn't wait to get driving, my dad let me start driving at the age of 12, and the next four years were some interesting adventures! I paid for my own first car, and even though it wasn't what I would have liked, it was brand new and it got me from A to B. I later gave the car to my brother who still drives it around.

  6. I love this entire thrifted ensemble! I'm glad you were able to clean up that purse and start using it. It's such a great find!

    I was pretty excited to start driving as soon as I could. I had a white Ford Contour that I loved. It wasn't as extreme as the painted lyrics on your car, but I used to let my friends decorate the grey interior with chalk.

  7. Beautiful thrifted items...love the blazer...the total look is magnificent!!

  8. My first car was a VW van -- in a lovely shade of mustard yellow (not). And just like every other VW van, it didn't have heat. I had a love/hate relationship with my car. I lived out in the sticks, so I loved getting my driver's license.

  9. Oh hey can you change my link to the new one? I WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT (more).

  10. Wow, great thrifted outfit... everything looks brand new! I didn't get my license until I had to leave for college. I was scared from a previous driving experience with my dad when I was 14 and never felt like I wanted to drive. I inherited our family van... 1990 Mazda MPV. Sexy.

  11. Who knew thrifted items could look so good!!! Love the whole look! I especially like the olive green blouse. That colour is sooo pretty! It really complements your hair!

    Monique xx


  12. I LOVE the jeans and blazer look on you! That green blouse is so very lovely too!

    I was TERRIFIED to get my license. My parents forced me to learn to drive and to get my license. I'm glad they did, because I need that independence, but I still hate driving to this day. Hate it.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. can i just tell you that i never wanted to learn to drive? my parents made me take driver's ed when i was about 16 1/2. i just didn't really care! now, i love driving old cars around town :) oh, and my goal in life is to thrift a vintage coach bag.

  14. I was the same way, didn't care about getting my license when I was able to. I just got a license last year at the age of 19.

    And I really enjoyed this post, because I too just bought my first car! A Mazda Miata. It is a manual transmission and I have killed the engine many a time so far. Don't have any stories as hilarious as yours, though!

    Seriously, I love love love your hair.

  15. I love that blazer! What a greaet topper for just about everything.

    I was super-excited to get my license even though I knew I wouldn't be able to get a car. I ended up getting the license at 17 and getting a car (a 13-year-old hand-me-down from mom) when I was 19, after my younger brother already got a turn with it. I drove that car to its death (really, it's dead now).

  16. you look amazing! like your style, I am a mom too, happy to find you! hugs from Belgium xxx

  17. That is hilarious, Elissa! I wish you had snagged a photo of it pre-conventional repainting! My first car was a boring Buick...but, heck, I was 16 and of course, just thrilled to have a ride of my very own. My brother, on the other hand, got a vintage and drop dead gorgeous black Corvette...something was very, very wrong with that discrepancy, wouldn't you say?! LOL I adored my brother and doted on him to the extreme though, so I was not a bit jealous. Honestly...believe it or not. :-)


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