My feature in this week's IFB Links a la Mode: Week of April 28th

This week Dress With Courage was featured in IFB's Links A La Mode. IFB is a website for style, fashion and beauty bloggers containing articles, forums, polls and promotional tools. Home to thousands of members, it is an incredible resource for those interested in promoting their blogs, networking with fellow bloggers, and improving their posts. For fashion and style bloggers it's like crack. Not that I've tried it, but like I've seen on Intervention. Anyways, I've learned so much about blogging through IFB and made from pretty wonderful friends through the message boards. If you're a blogger interested in gaining followers, traffic, and ideas for future posts, don't hesitate to become an IFB member. 

This is my ninth (eek!) feature in Links A La Mode, and I'm particularly proud that my post was chosen.  I am so grateful to be included with such talented, stylish, and informative bloggers. Here's the feature with my link:

More than Meets the Eye

Edited by Fajr Muhammad at Stylish Thought

When you visit a fashion blog you often see a stylish blogger posing in a perfectly, put together outfit with gorgeous scenery. What you don’t see is the work that goes into curating and maintaining a fashion blog. This week the theme across IFB was outfit posts: what deems an outfit worthy, what goes into creating a stunning visual post and ultimately the comments (some not so nice) that we receive as style bloggers. Ultimately, blogging is a way to express our love for fashion and personal style but as this week’s links can attest to, there is much more to fashion blogging than meets the eye.

Links à la Mode: April 28th



  1. Congrats! I am a relativly new follower and not a fashion blogger. I enjoy your stlye and think you write very well. I agree with your thoughts on how to handle negative commonts. The advice to not take any immediate action is good advice in many situations.....with kids and adults. you are so cute!

  2. Congratulations:))) Nine! That's fantastic - well done you!! xo

  3. Congratulations, Melissa....I'm there too!!
    Love the company I am with!!


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