Event recap: A day spent with The Body Shop at Beauty Live

One of the biggest lessons I've learned as a new blogger is how important and rewarding it is to reach out to the blogging community. I'd first begun reading and following personal style and fashion blogs about two years ago. An avid lover of all things fashion, I found that observing the translation of style on real women resonated with me far more than the clothes  on perfectly groomed models in magazines. It took me awhile, and a lot of courage, to take the leap and start my own blog. And to my surprise, the blogging community has been far more supportive and welcoming than I ever thought. I wasn't expecting to make friends or gain any benefits other than an outlet for my writing and an excuse to shop more, but I have. And connecting with other women who share the same passion as I do has been the biggest gift of all.

Tina of T Minus, T Plus has been one of those women. Tina instantly makes you feel comfortable when you meet her. In addition to being approachable and intelligent, she has a wicked sense of humor and a fantastic perspective on blogging and personal style. For some reason, she seems to like me too, and yesterday invited me to be her guest at an event with The Body Shop for the Beauty Live presentation at the Galleria Mall in Dallas.

I have to admit that I haven't shopped in the Body Shop since, oh, 1992. To be honest, I believed that the products were designed for hippies and tree-huggers obsessed with the vegan lifestyle. In my head, the ideal Body Shop customer had dreadlocks, played hacksack, followed Phish around the country in a dilapidated VW minibus and wore clothing made from hemp. I do not posses any of those attributes. For one, hemp clothing makes me itchy. And two, I take great pleasure in a bloody steak every now and then.

But I was extremely surprised with how much I fell in love with The Body Shop's products. First of all, everything smells amazing. Ah-mazing. From their body butters and scrubs to their brand new line of biodegradable shower gels, I wanted to find a tub and take a long soak using one of their bath products immediately. The cosmetics were even better. Though I don't really consider whether a product is animal-tested or organic when purchasing (shame on me) I must admit knowing the Body Shop's products are environmentally sensitive gave me some comfort. And the cosmetics were gorgeous, richly pigmented and easy to blend. Guys, run out and purchase their tinted cheek gel immediately. The product goes on clear, but turns a customizable, pretty shade of pink when reacting with your skin tone. It was really, really amaze-balls.


Tina and I were each treated to make-overs using the Body Shop's cosmetics from their new spring line. I've had my make-up professionally applied only once in my life (for my wedding), so this was a real treat.

I didn't get a proper outfit post, but this pic is pretty close: Thrifted vintage sequin top (from the seventies!); thrifted Citizen of Humanity jeans; Stuart Weitzman wedges; Frye black clutch; Forever 21 pyramid bracelet

My make-up was done by a Shalini Vadhera, a celebrity artist who has written a book on global cosmetics. I learned that women in Chile strengthen their nails by applying clear nail polish that has been soaked with raw garlic for 10 days. This concoction makes your nails stronger than acrylics. Fascinating, huh?

We mingled with The Body Shop's PR people, district manager and other store managers, including the lovely Brian Warren of The Body Shop's Northpark Center location. Dallas-Fort Worth bloggers, stay tuned for an exclusive event for us there in April! Brian has promised us an amazing time. Tina and I also received gift bags filled with products, including a full set of cruelty-free makeup brushes, limited edition eyeshadow palettes, and full-size shower gels in delicious scents like fig and rosemary, and lemon and thyme. And believe me when I state that they do not smell like a salad.

After our makeovers we grabbed some lunch and went to watch the Body Shop's Beauty Live presentation. 

To my shock, Tina and I were both called up on stage to demonstrate the products used during our make-overs. That was scary. Terrifying, actually. But kind of awesome. I mean, how often does a married mom of three get to model anything aside from the ability to score a prime spot in carpool?

In conclusion, it was a really fantastic day. I tried out samples, got a make-over, sat in the VIP section of a beauty presentation, made some valuable connections and spent an afternoon with one of my favorite people. A huge thanks to The Body Shop for treating me to such an incredible day.

On a final note, check out Shalini Vadhera's awe-inspiring shoes. Guh.


  1. what a great time it looks like you two had! i actually haven't shopped The Body Shop in years so their stuff is all new to me at this point! i can't wait until our April DFW Blogger meetup.

    cute & little

  2. wow, I love your blog and this post!
    I follow you, I'll happy if you want to follow me too! :)




  3. So cool! It was so nice to see you, and by the way I am in love with the sequence top!!


  4. That looks amazing! How fun! Love your outfit. That top is great.

  5. Man you got your post up fast. I just posted mine from Park Lane. LOL. I've got some pics of you onstage too. Guess I'll have to post them o my blog. And I def needed to pull my skirt down a bit. Oops.

  6. I can't read this post because I am too busy focusing on that fabulous sequin top! AAAAAGGGHHH!!!

  7. oh my gosh they called you up on stage! How awesomely nerve wrecking! I found both you and Tina extremely warm and easy to talk to. I'm looking forward to the next meetup! :)


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