Week in Review: March 21st (with a love-fest for Twitter)

If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be writing a bog about personal style, and taking my picture everyday, I would have 1. Laughed in your face, and 2. Found you a reputable psychiatrist because CLEARLY you were going through some kind of psychotic break. And yet here I am, blogging and writing and taking pictures of myself. And working social media like a pimp turns out a ho.

Social media has become a huge part of my life. Through simple research, I've learned how to use Ping; which tools are best for analyzing my blog's analytics; and how to set up a Facebook fan page. For someone who a year ago had just figured out how to attach a document to an email, my participation into the field of social media has been nothing short of monumental.

If you know me, you know I'm a Twitter girl. I get my news from Twitter. I make friends on Twitter. Twitter brings me information on my canceled TV shows (goodbye, Perfect Couples...I hardly got to know you...sob), jokes about Charlie Sheen, tips regarding writing a better blog, and endless coupon codes, sales news, and information regarding new shipments from my favorite stores.

Since creating my Twitter account three months ago, a strange phenomenon has started. I think in Twitter. The challenge of constructing a witty, informational, memorable bite of communication in 140 characters delights me in the way I imagine a crossword puzzle does to more sophisticated people. (For the record, I am most definitely not a a puzzle fan. Crossword puzzles frustrate the hell out of me and reduce me to crying and rocking back and forth in a fetal position on the floor.)

I often wish real life was like Twitter. People would be much, much more concise. We'd say only what we really needed to. We'd think more carefully. They're be no more redundant, long-winded discussions. No more horrible phone calls where you're trapped by ceaseless chatter from a relative who insists on exploring whether the term bon appetit is French or Italian and did you know that before 1861 Italy was fragmented into numerous kingdoms and city-states? You know these one-sided conversations with elderly relatives. And you know how they make your blood pressure rise.

If I read something on Twitter that's not interesting to me, I simply don't reply. You only talk about the things you want to, when you want to. And even then, in short little bursts.

So, if you're not following me on Twitter, maybe you should. Let's be friends. Because you'll find no more eager participant than me. And I retweet the things I find interesting, amusing, or useful a lot. So you can share the wealth of my coupon codes, Charlie Sheen jokes and updates regarding television programming.

NOW, here's what went down on Dress With Courage this week:

I'd also like to take a moment and welcome all my new followers (wave!) Thank you for your continued support and thoughtful comments. I really love reading what you share. I don't like to brag, but I have some of the most intelligent readers around. There. I said it. That just happened.

If you're visiting my blog for the first time, please consider becoming a follower through Google Friend Connect, tweeting with me on Twitter, or becoming a Facebook fan. As a relatively new blogger, I get ridiculously excited when reading a new comment or gaining a new follower. I appreciate you all so much!


  1. New reader here. Been following for about two weeks or so. Love your style - both writing and clothing so you have been on my "Check nearly everyday list" of blog sites. :) Fan-frikkin-tastic blog!

  2. Wow...thank you so much! You've made my day!

  3. Hey Elissa, you mentioned a possible collaboration earlier in the week...sorry, I'm a littel slow sometimes...OF COURSE, I AM GAME..if you have any ideas...just bring it on..we can cover all age groups from young (you oviously) to old (not me, but I will cover it..ha,ha) If you get any ideas, just let me know.

  4. I have loved this blog since day one. Nothing I read more avidly or check more frequently. You are the best thing on the web.

  5. I love Twitter. I loved Twitter before I even blogged. I love how short and sweet it is. And I never have to go more than 5 minutes until some new tweet comes in to entertain me.

    Also, I am glad you decided to blog. You have been such an inspiration to me. <3


  6. GIRL, Perfect Couples got canceled? I am sad for you but HAPPY FOR ME. I am so sick of sitting through that show every week. Nathan likes it and I cannot STAND it. Everyone's always lying to their spouse to get what they want. WHO DOES THAT?


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