Week in Review: March 12th

Dear Texas,

You have betrayed me. Hard.

The day I learned I'd be leaving Iowa and moving back to you was one of the happiest of my life. I was overjoyed to return to your perpetually sunny skies, blazing hot temperatures, traffic-clogged highways, and hilariously accented people. I couldn't wait to wear my cowboy boots in public without fear of being mocked. I memorized the date of the first spring rodeo in Mesquite. I knew this was it for me, Texas. The tears of joy I shed when crossing the state line from Oklahoma were genuine. Finally, we were together. I was convinced this was it. No more moving trucks, no more relocations. We had a love that was meant to last.

How have you shown your appreciation for me? Well, you gave me a February most Texans will fondly remember as Icepocalypse 2011. You have also left me in a perpetual state of illness since oh, last summer. From strep throat, to poison oak, to stomach viruses, to sinus infections, to bronchitis, to pneumonia, you've knocked me around pretty hard. Like many spouses in abusive relationships, I continue to come to your defense. "Well, yeah, I was in bed for three weeks and lost my voice from coughing so badly. But pneumonia wasn't that bad." "This medicine might taste vile, but at least it has codeine in it!"

This week you knocked me down again, Texas. The brightest spot in my day happened when I realized I could breath through one nostril. Some would consider that progress. But this is getting ridiculous. A girl can only put up with so much. Much like your delectable pulled pork sandwiches, my immune system is shredded. I've grown accustomed to weekly doctor visits and steroid shots in the butt. But this has got to stop. I just can't take anymore. Everyone has their limits, and I'm at mine.

I still love you, though. It's not you, it's me. Let's try to work things out.

While I'm sobbing into a tissue, take a look at what went down on Dress With Courage this week:

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  1. Awww, Texas can be such a ho sometimes! I'm glad you're kinda sorta starting to feel better. I've had itchy eyes of doom and destruction all week. I'm uber sexy, promise. ;)

  2. aww i'm so sorry texas is taking a beating on you!! if it makes you feel any better i've had to resort to allergy shots cause otherwise i'm a sneezing mess all day long. it's the price to pay though for nice warm weather year-round. :)

    i hope you feel better!

    cute & little

  3. Girl, you are freakin' hil-arious! Sorry you have been so sick!

  4. Don't blame Tex-ass! Blame....IDK, but don't blame Texas! <3


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