Week in Review: February 28th

Gap blazer; Forever 21 striped shirt; thrifted J Brand jeans; Stuart Weitzman wedges; thrifted vintage bag

Sometimes it's challenging for me to come up with relevant, interesting topics to blog about. I occasionally wish I was one of those cute twenty-something bloggers who could churn out a quick, quirky couple of paragraphs full of quips about what they're wearing and be done with it. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the personality defect of having too damm much to say. I genuinely enjoy writing, especially about fashion and beauty and style. And let's face it, I'm not a cutsey twenty-something blogger. There's more to me than a quick couple of sentences about what I'm wearing. Is that bad? I occasionally feel the need to rein it in. I wonder...are my readers annoyed, or intrigued by my writing? Does all my chatter scare away potential followers? Would you prefer to see shorter, more concise posts? I'm genuinely curious so be honest.

In any case, this week I wrote a lot. Here on Dress With Courage, I:

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  1. I was actually thinking yesterday about pointing out your writing on my blog. To me, it's refreshing to see people "using their words" on a blog, without silly misspellings, words like "lol", or an overuse of exclamation points that seem typical in blogging. (That said, I use a lot of !!s too, and I also feel like my posts are too long.)
    One trick I learned in journalism is to just make your paragraphs short. In order to do that you'll end up self-editing, and your readers will be less likely to skim.

  2. Love the stripes with the basic blazer. And your hair is so amazing!



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