Nine-oh-two-one-oh hello, polka dots! (Everybody, Everywear)

Right now on my nightstand perches a tower of magazines so precipitous that it threatens to topple and cause irreparable damage to my wood floors. Along with Tori Amos bootlegs, jeans, and lip gloss, I've always had a thing for magazines. I got my first subscription to Seventeen when I was in the ninth grade. I'm unsure of the exact year because I vehemently avoid math of any sort aside from calculating my clothing budget for the month. I also refuse to disclose the year I graduated high school because it was so long ago that written communication was limited to cave paintings and hieroglyphics.

I took great pleasure in answering those insipid little magazine quizzes about whether you should have sex with your boyfriend (whom I always fantasized to be Brandon Walsh from 90210, but apparently he never got the memo because I am STILL waiting for my phone to ring)  and what your perfume says about your personality and what styles of sunglasses were most flattering for your facial features. In case you're wondering, Seventeen never once recommended when one should have sex with their boyfriend. They were basically against the entire thing.

However, my true magazine love was bullet focused on the fashions. Oh, the FASHIONS! (say this in zee accent of zat zany episode 90210 when Brenda takes on zee affected French accent to seduce zat cute boy during zee senior trip to Parreee. ZEE FAZZIONNNNS!) I have VERY vivid memories of the 90's spreads in Seventeen (and YM and Sassy and Mademoiselle, for that matter.) I never had the urge to be a designer or even learn to sew a button onto my shirt, but I very clearly recall how much in lurve I was with those clothes. It doesn't surprise me that those distinctively 90's fashion trends are so hot right now. The loud florals! The statement necklaces and Doc Martins and maxi skirts! The mixed patterns! While I was doing "research" for this post (i.e scouring blogs, an activity which is coming dangerously close to replacing my magazine obsession) I came across some very colorful teen magazine spreads celebrating the more-is-more 90's spirit.

A natural, healthy body on the cover of a magazine, as opposed to the emaciated models hawking clothing today, is nothing short of a revelation.  And that bold floral bikini gives me the wants so hard.

Teen fashion in the 90's was just all-out fun. This looks FUN, right? The decade gave us a lot to be grateful for. Like the combination of stripes and florals and patterns.

Doc Martins, flannel, and striped? Yes please. (Though the beanie has got to go.)

A friend recently told me that if you were a follower of a fashion trend the first time it came around, you should avoid it like the plague should it resurface again. I always kind of agreed. But seeing these spreads made me reconsider - hence my polka-dot pattern-mixing of today (which happens to coincide perfectly with today's polka dot challenge on Everybody, Everywhere.) Kelly Taylor would approve. (And P.S - I did not wear this blouse two days in a row...these pics were taken last week in preparation because my husband is out of town today. So there.) 

Gap blazer; Forever 21 silk blouse; thrifted vintage polka-dot skirt; Gap Outlet tights; Urban Outfitters 6x6 booties; Forever 21 necklaces; Forever 21 bracelets


  1. Very cute post. Your writing is hilarious. I share your love of magazines.

  2. What fun pattern mixing!
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW today!
    The Auspicious Life

  3. "A friend recently told me that if you were a follower of a fashion trend the first time it came around, you should avoid it like the plague should it resurface again." -- I've decided that's not a hard and fast rule!

  4. Cute skirt. I remember that episode of 90210. She pretended to be French to pick up an American man, Reeeek.

  5. That's a great polka skirt! I kinda agree with the don't follow a trend twice advice- but not every time! I did a 90's grunge homage the other day!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. First off, your beautiful. Second off, I totally posted on how much I love the nineties today. AND I have a short pixie 'do as well, so I just had to say hello! xo

  7. Your Kelly Taylor reference made my day!

    Thanks for participating in EBEW :)

  8. Great outfit, and I loved your article - it's nice to find a pile of text that's worth the read. I have to say I was first attracted to this post because of the swimsuit photo - Veronica Webb looks stunning in that image! It's sad for me to believe our societal aesthetic would shift away from such a lovely, healthy body type.

  9. zis outfeet ees fahbulose! okay, the fake french typing has got to stop...hurts my brain too much. why are you so funny and so stinking adorable? bring on the pattern mixing, my friend, because you're rocking it. love this whole thing. and the precarious magazine stack. i need a magazine right now. one from the 90s, preferably.

  10. Fabulous boots!
    And you're so right about the model on the cover of Seventeen. She just looks happy and healthy, not like the miserable, hungry-looking girls they use today. What is wrong with the fashion industry?

  11. I love this outfit - the pattern mix is awesome! And the whole post made me smile - I started high school in 1990; I definitely remember those magazines...

  12. Great interpretation of high fashion, and how fabulous to see a healthy model on a magazine cover! My question is, when will we see that again? The sooner the better, I say!

    Laura @

  13. Thanks for all zee great comments! Zay make me, how do you say, so happee! Okay, enough of that. I too wish we'd return to the days of natural, healthy-looking models. That cover makes me both happy and sad. Who knows, maybe by the time my daughter is a teenager the pendulum will have begun to swing back.

    And now because of all your love, I might bring this exact outfit with me to the Texas Style Council Conference this weekend. Yay!

  14. You ROCK Polka dots Girl! :) Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!

    P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D


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