Outfit Post: My first kiss went a little like this...

Today I am wearing shorts with tights and boots. The last time I sported this look was in 1988. I had a really unfortunate perm and spent hours making mix tapes (y'all know what a cassette is, right? It's a demonic device that get tangled and twisted and eventually knotted into one gigantic mess that leaves you swearing and defeated.) I had also just received my first kiss, and drew the following conclusions about kissing and life in general:
  1. Kissing is disgusting. 
  2. Kissing is gross. 
  3. Kissing is overrated.
  4. I will never kiss anyone ever again. 
  5. Ever.
These sentiments were not exactly those I expected to have after fourteen years of watching the birthday-cake-sitting-on-the-kitchen-table kissing scene in Sixteen Candles, and the dropping-the-purse-in-the-rain-in-the-parking-lot-after-prom kissing scene in Pretty in Pink.

I met First Kiss during a spring break jaunt with my family to a friend's farm in Upstate NY. He was a sixteen year old country boy with sandy blond hair that fell into his eyes in a sexy, pre-Justin Bieber sort of way. For a week we swam together in the lake, went out for ice cream, and talked around the fire late into the evenings. On my last day of my trip he led me into a barn, through dusty horse stalls and towards a dark corner. I knew in my head that he was going to kiss me that day. He knew I had never been kissed, and that I wanted my first kiss to be with him. Plus, I was fourteen and scared that if I didn’t kiss someone (him) soon I would surely die an old maid.

He leaned across and took me by surprise. Instead of the lustful, drawn-out, passionate staring into one another's eyes I expected before our mouths met, I felt a forceful smash of the lips to the face and a tongue halfway down my throat (or so it felt.) It was too wet, too slimy, too aggressive.There was no romance. No passion. I felt disgusted and duped, but I also knew that wasn't how it was supposed to feel. Unfortunately, that kiss did repel me from kissing for quite awhile. I seriously thought that I could never enjoy it. Ever.

Thankfully, I dated a lot of boys after First Kiss, and I eventually learned that as intimate as a kiss is, it's even better when it's with someone who really knows what they're doing. One should not need a shower after being kissed. The lips should not feel bruised. And if the sensation of being choked is present, run like hell. Sure, there's a time for full blown, against the wall, hands on the face, unrestrained passionate kissing accompanied by the frantic removal of clothing. But then again, a sweet brushing of the lips, simple in its intent, is just as delicious.

I was thinking of First Kiss when I got dressed this morning. Surely he'd approve of my tights under shorts styling. Despite the fact that it's been years since I pulled off this look, I think I did pretty well.

What was your first kiss like? Did it intrigue you, or repel you? Do you think bad kissing is a relationship deal-breaker? And how do you feel about the denim shorts with tights revival?

Gap windowpane blouse; Gap Outlet tee (under blouse); Gap denim shorts) Gap Outlet belt; target tights; thrifted J Crew boots; Gap crossbody belt; Plato's Closet leather belt


  1. This is adorable on you! Personally, I love the shorts w/ tights revival. I plan on wearing something pretty similar to this in the very near future. I only wish I kept my Docs from that era! As for my first kiss - it was modeled after the Axl Rose/Stephanie Seymour wedding ceremony smooch in the November Rain video, which was HUGE in the summer of 1991, and it was a total disaster (my kiss, not the video).

  2. My first kiss was so gross and awful, too. So funny to relive it through what you just wrote. I dig the tights & shorts but haven't tried it myself yet.

  3. Loving the tights and shorts on you but not yet tried that look myself : /
    And my first kiss was actually pretty awesome, we ended up being together for two years until my so called best friend decided to steal him away from me :@
    *insert nasty vile curse of your choice for her here LOL*

    Also are you kinda levitating in the next to last pic (the one with the back view) cos it sure looks like it to me hehe

  4. I must say my first kiss was amazing. It was all the kiss that followed that made me think kissing was not so great. Then I went to collage... As for shorts with tights, we have been doing this look for the last couple years in CA and I have concluded it is best for 16 and under... That said I must say I do sport this like about once a month. Sometimes I think I am still a kid!

  5. I do not remember my first kiss. Is that terrible?

    This looks realllllllllyyyyyy cute on you. I love that you did black tights and brown boots.

  6. It was the summer between 7th and 8th grade, at a pool party one of my friend's had for her birthday. Mine was exactly the same as yours. Too aggressive and sloppy and just gross, gross, gross. Which is weird because every guy after that knew how to kiss, it was just that one that was so awful!

  7. My first kiss was EXACTLY the same! I haven't done the shorts & tights trend yet but I'm super excited to live somewhere that I can actually sport it!

  8. OK. I'm not particularly a fan of that look, so I was prepared to be unimpressed as I scrolled down...but I have to say I think you're pulling it off nicely!

  9. I think you look spectacular in the shorts and tights!!! I absolutely love this!

    And yes, if you're a bad kisser, it's done. That can make or break the whole relationship.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  10. I love love love this outfit. I seriously just hopped on the tights/shorts bandwagon and it makes me so happy. I hate wearing shorts normally (I rarely show any skin), so tights are a great compromise for me. You really rock the look well.

    My first kiss was a tiny peck snuck during the lunch when I was 14. I barely remember it. But I do remember who it was with, and I remember that every kiss after that was pretty much terrible. He saved all the good stuff for the first kiss, and then after that he would do this thing where he would basically suck on my tongue. I hated it, and it may be one of the reasons we broke up. Bad kissers are one of my pet peeves and is an instant turn off!


  11. I'm so sad that your first kiss turned out to be a bad experience, because the story starts out wonderfully. haha. My first kiss was okay. I remember it because it was my first kiss, but it wasn't necessarily memorable. meh. oh well. :]

    Shorts and tights is my favorite combination, I think. I love wearing it anytime I don't really want to wear a skirt, but I'm not really feeling jeans, either. It's a good in between for me.

  12. I just bought a very similar blouse from Fossil!

  13. I think that you must have rocked this look equally well back then. Congrats for getting over that kiss. Mine was in a tree house. And mostly I just thought that it was a joke and was surprised that this was what everyone was talking about!

  14. Love the shorts with tights! Without it, I would hardly get to wear shorts here in snowy Flagstaff. Your top is really cute as well and looks great with your red hair!

    As for my first kiss, well, it was actually pretty amazing despite being in the drama hallway at school, haha. My first kiss was with my first and only boyfriend (who is now my first and only husband!).

  15. Cute story! And I love shorts with tights.

  16. Hey! I wore shorts with tights yesterday too, but I guess it wont make it to the blog until tomorrow...I love that when the cold weather came back we both thought "tights with shorts!" It might be our last chance...

    My first kiss was at Quaker camp, of course!

  17. You tell good stories :) And I love this outfit!!!

  18. Is it wrong that I don't really remember my first kiss? Or First "you know what I'm saying"...isn't that awful! Not because they were bad but because I have a bad memory! LOL!

    So kudos for what you wore yesterday much less years ago!

    And I see you with the short shorts! Ummm hmmmm.

  19. Super cute outfit...you make it look a bit edgy, not juvenile, even though its inspired from your teen years. I love the cute little cross-body bag with it. :-) First kiss...fabulous, romantic, butterflies, weak knees, all that good stuff! And it set the bar pretty darn high for all future kisses.


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