Outfit Post: Favorite lipstick, rest in peace

I need to ask for a moment of silence.

It appears that at some point during last weekend's Texas Style Council Conference, while tweeting and eating Tex-Mex and drinking and getting hit on by lonely hobo hipsters and singing karaoke and blogging, I lost my most favorite lipstick. I have done the things most of us do when realizing we've misplaced something: Freaked out, emptied my purses, tore apart my suitcase, had a panic attack, checked all my pockets, cleaned out my SUV, freaked out some more, and, eventually, stoically and tearfully accepted that the lipstick was gone (sniff sniff.)

The lipstick in question was MAC's Viva Glam. It was the perfect almost-red color - glossy, creamy, and not too bright. No matter what I was wearing, this lipstick made me feel gorgeous. (I should also add that this lipstick was my introduction into the wonderful world of MAC cosmetics, my obsession on which has become a bit of a Problem. I used a capital P, to emphasize the serious nature of this situation.) Viva Glam reminded me of my early childhood, when I'd perch on the corner of my bathroom sink and watch my mom apply her make-up. My mother was an intense hoarder of cosmetics. Eyeshadows spilled from Zip-Loc bags. Blushes were crammed into shoe boxes. Nail polishes, in a rainbow of colors, lined our medicine cabinet. Every morning my mom and I would crowd into our teeny tiny NYC apartment bathroom and I'd watch, enthralled, as she powdered and plucked and painted herself into an eighties glamazon. A final spritz of Dior's Poison capped off her opulent, somewhat embalmed look. I was smitten.

MAC's Viva Glam had a similar effect. It transformed me from a harried suburban mom into a chic gamine Aubrey Hepburn-type, the kind of woman who wears kitten heels and smokes unfiltered French cigarettes and drinks red wine at 1 pm while listening to Edith Pilaf records. This woman also has a collection of Hermes Birkin bags, drives a vintage Jaguar XKE convertible, and owns a flat in Buenos Aires. She and her sultry Latin boyfriend spend afternoons wandering through art galleries, eating tapas, and making love on an antique mahogany bed draped in filmy linen. They serve cocktails in vintage barware, vacation in Budapest, and spend their free time collecting feminist art with which to decorate their Moroccan-inspired, zebra-carpeted, Rococo chandelier-ed home.

I want to be this woman.

In my MAC Viva Glam, I believed I was one step closer. Without it I'm, well, me. Cheapskate, half-hearted cook, insomniac, thrifter, slow typist, and procrastinator of most household chores. And unfortunate object-loser. (Editor's Note: Yesterday I also lost my favorite ring. THANK GOD NOT MY ENGAGEMENT RING, or I'd have serious issues.) My life is about as scintillating as a shampoo commercial.

Do you have a favorite lipstick? Are you loyal to a certain brand? Care give a recommendation? Because I could certainly use a pick-me-up.

Here I am, sans awesomesauce lipstick and sultry Latin boyfriend.

Forever 21 linen shirt; Forever 21 floral top; Citizens of Humanity jeans; vintage thrifted Coach bag; Gap sandals; Forever 21 rhinestone bracelets; Forever 21 feather earrings


  1. I couldn't possibly survive without my Clinique lipgloss in a shade romaticaly titled Pink Chiffon.
    I hope you find a replacemet soon!
    Despite the tragic nature of this post it's one of the funnies ever. The bit about sultry lady and her Latin lover had me rolling with laughter.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to the mall today and will definitely check out that shade. I love having a legitimate reason to go shopping (as opposed to a made-up excuse.)

  3. I want to be that girl too!!! Anywho, My favorite is st. germain from MAC it was my introduction into the MAC lipstick. But funny I cant find it either...i know its somewhere..lol. Super cute post -- I love your writing style

  4. First of all, I would also like to be that woman. Is there room in the Buenos Aires flat for two if us?? you bring the red wine, I'll bring the Edith Piaf!!

    I'm so sorry about the lipstick. I am obsessed with 2 lipsticks currently. For red, I like Cover Girl's Outlast Double Shine Lip Gloss in Cabernet. Seriously, it stays forever. For a more everyday pinkish color, I wear Clinique's Differnt Lipstick in Rose Taffy. It's the one lipstick that doesn't make my lips all dry.

  5. Our outfits are catalog page similar today! <3

    I CANNOT believe you lost it! Do we need to go get a replacement Friday? And which ring?

    At least you are still beautiful amazing and smart. Can't lose those...

  6. Goodbye, dear lipstick. You will be remembered and cherished for eternity. Your colorful beauty and adhesiveness was something we all aspired to be ourselves, and will continue to reach for as the days pass in your absence.

    Although it saddens us to see you go, the joy your brought us and the feeling of transport into another world, another life, will stay with us always.

  7. Losing things is never fun. Especially two days in a row. But, as you said, it now gives you a reason to go shopping (though I think wanting to go is enough of a reason).

    Also, I don't know what is funnier, your story about "that woman" or Laurel's comment above. Let's call it a tie and say you are bother utterly hilarious. But seriously, RIP LOVELY LIPSTICK.

    I wish I had some suggestions, but alas I am nothing but a chapstick girl, so I fail there.

  8. I'm more of a mascara freak - my fav is thisclose to being impossible to find. I feel your pain! May I gripe on lipstick - why don't they sell a box of trial size colors so you can sample colors & find what works best, rather than plunking down $6-$8 on a color you think you'll love but turns out you HATE?? Ugh. :) Love your blog. ~fellow thriftie

  9. Have you contacted Mac and let them know about their dastardly decision and its horrible implications to your fashion and emotional life. And have all your friends do likewise. Messing with tried and true make up is evil stuff. My go to right now is boundless brandy which is a revlon colorstay product. I adore it. They take that way and THERE WILL BE TROUBLE

    Perhaps some bright spark there can help suggest a close replacement. Did you check out their site - viva glam seems to be line http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/168/966/Viva-Glam-Lipstick/index.tmpl Maybe worth checking there and if they don't have it use their site to find nearby stores where you might get it.

    I'm big on giving merchants my feedback. Nicely most of the time. If they don't hear from us how can they know the folly of their actions.

    Just found your blog - doing some blog surfing tonight I think i might put you in my blog reader and check you out (in a totally non sexual way of course) if that's not too bold

    Or hit the department store with your depleted tube daring all the other cosmeti c

  10. I love this outfit...so pulled together and you know I'm in lust over your hair still!

  11. Loooove the floral top, sooo adorable!! Loove the colors of it!

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