Oufit Post: In which I rant against rompers

* I begin with a disclaimer. A list of things I DO NOT HATE. Pay attention because it's important for you to know that although I DO HATE some things, I am not a HATER. I do not drink of the haterade, as it were.

  • People who wear rompers.
  • People who manufacture rompers.
  • People who sell rompers.
  • People who buy rompers.
  • People who model rompers.
  • People who design rompers.
  • People who vehemently disagree.
  • People who won't even bother to read this.

Got it? Okay, good, so let's begin.

I hate rompers. I hate rompers because: 
  • They don't fit me. Truth be told, most rompers are designed for tall thin girls who smoke gauloises cigarettes and drink vokda tonics and somehow manage to look gorgeously glamorous without washing their hair for 10 days. Such as my friend Erin, who bought a denim romper in Austin and looks amaze-balls in it.  For short women with inner thighs and non-concave stomachs, such as myself, rompers are extremely difficult to pull off. Last summer I wasted countless hours trying in vain to find a romper that was both flattering and and didn't remind me of toddler wear. This was an epic fail. At some point I had to pause to ask myself "WHY, Elissa, are you continuing on such a pointless, torturous, emotional quest?" So I stopped. And my world became bucolic again.
  • They are not comfortable. I know there are many women out there who will argue this point. "But it's one piece and so comfy!" they'll squeal. In my experience, the crotch-to-neck ratio of a romper is designed for someone with no torso. And let's not even talk about the camel-toe, because I'm too much of a lady to go there. AND, you're probably wondering why I'm so educated with the fit of rompers. Well, at one point, I actually did own one. Every time I slipped it on I wondered how such a seemingly innocent article of clothing managed to fit beautifully at the waist and arms but pulled at my neck and, uh, ladybits and made me feel like I was being STRANGLED AND OH MY GOD GET THIS THING OFF OF ME. And then there's the issue of wedgies. I rest my case.
  • Dresses/skirts/pants/shorts/capris (well, that one's debatable) are infinitely more flattering than a romper. I luuuuve to wear a dress. I look better in a skirt. I feel feminine and comfortable (and do not have to spend a minute worrying about crotch issues.) My husband agrees, but that doesn't really matter because what I wear is a big part of how I express myself and how I take care of myself. If I wore a romper two days a week, I'd be spending two days a week not doing what makes me happy or what makes me feel good. In a world of bills and stress and devastating earthquakes and tsunamis why not do something that makes you happy?

Now, I ask you: Is there an article of clothing that you just don't get? Are you a fan of rompers? Am I being redonkulous?

Thrifted Junk Food Lynard Skynard tee; thrifted Paige jeans; Target belt; Gap sandals; Urban Outfitters necklace; Plato's Closet leather bracelet; eBay gold and turquoise bracelet; World Market Catholic saints bracelet; Marc Jacobs watch; Fossil turquoise earrings


  1. I most definitely agree with everything you wrote!
    Just the name "Romper" implies it's a clothing basic for the toddler set.
    I'm happy that you came to the realization that it's just not something you need to have in your wardrobe. You look great in your T shirt and jeans!

  2. i love how rompers look but haven't found one that fits me well enough for me to buy it either. i love your jeans that you're wearing today -- the seam down the middle really helps elongate the legs. and i need to stock up on some bracelets myself. i love how yours look!

    cute & little

  3. I think my favourite line in this whole post was "I do not drink of the haterade"

    Love that!

    Personally I'm with you on the rompers for all the reasons you mentioned. Another thing that I am not a huge fan of are flood pants (not sure if that is the technical term). They look like they shrunk in the wash and all I can do is stare at the person's ankles...the rest of their outfit takes a back seat to those damn ankles.

  4. I LOVE your hair color! It makes such a casual outfit pop and really works with the red in your tee :-)

  5. I've found that rompers are cute on SOME women, but I find it hard to believe that they are comfortable in them! lol

    Twitter: @ConsiderMeLuvly

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. My body is just not made to romp.

  7. Blech! Hate rompers! I tried one on once and it made me look like a bewildered mechanic - with, as you put so politely, strangled lady bits. I have friends that look amazing in them, however. More power to them, but I will not be joining that party.

    Killer jeans, btw.

  8. I love how you went off about not hating people who have anything to do with rompers, YOU just don't like them. That was cute ;) Yes, I am a fan of SOME rompers...but not all. Some are hideous and some are adorable...but you're not being redonkulous ;)

  9. I have one romper which I acquired at a clothing swap. It has a cute cut-out back, is floral, seems to fit.

    I haven't worn it once.

  10. I have this ridiculous idea to get a romper every year.....and then I am reminded that I look absolutely awful in them. No offense rompers, but I prefer to stick to clothes that make me feel good about myself, thank you very much!

  11. Amen sister. Rompers don't make sense to me either. Why make it so difficult to go to the bathroom? :)

  12. I am so so with you on rompers. And on wearing things that you're comfortable with and that you feel good about yourself in. That's why I've gone for long periods of time not wearing jeans, even though I love the way they look on others (and I think I've finally learned how to dress myself, so this time it might be for good).

  13. Completely agree! I've never been into the romper thing, and my hips are a little too well endowed to try to pull it off anyway.

  14. I used to agree with you, but found THREE! rompers last summer I sported frequently. Mostly lazing around on the weekends or post-yoga.
    They are all on my blog, if you search ROMPER.
    But they do have one BIG problem you didn't mention. The whole thing must come off for a bathroom break. Which makes for awkward nakedness anywhere but home.

  15. I read the whole thing, does that mean you like me most because you don't hate people who wouldn't read the whole thing? There has to be some kind of reward for those of us who do. Like a cookie. Or something.

    I'm with you on the rompers. I wish I could find one that was flattering and comfortable. However...I haven't even attempted to look for one. Therein lies the reason you are a much better person. You'll at least make the effort. I won't. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  16. lol, that was hella funny! I'm not sure I have as much disdain as you do for the romper but I think the poncho comes pretty close....

  17. oh dear...last summer I spent a lot of time (or wasted a lot of time) looking for the perfect romper...I had seen one on a super cute girl (probably about 20 years younger than myself) at a theme park. I looked online, in stores, blogs...everywhere for this romper. When I finally found it at Kohls...at the END of the summer...it looked ridiculous on me! I looked about 4 feet tall and 4 fee wide. I realized they are not a good look for me even though I am a size 4...my butt is too big and my boobs are too small! Not a good look for me either :(

  18. Aww come on Juanette. I still have my moms vintage poncho from the 70's. It's so awesome, it's ugly. Maybe that's were funky came from. Cuz it is. And I love it.

    Elissa, I agree wholeheartedly! I'm 5,8' and have a long torso, seem to only gain weight in the tummy, and have absolutely NO butt. Rompers look hideous on me. I love the look of rompers. The models always look so relaxed and laid back and care free in theirs. But the moment I try them on they suck me of that days allowance of self esteem. And I deserve it. Cuz why, pray tell me WHY do I keep trying them on?!

  19. Rompers also don't look great on me. I'm short and small and when I wear rompers they make my booty look flatter then it already is! I do love them on other people though and I still try to pull them off every now and then.


  20. This outfit is AMAZING and so cool and rock and roll.

    I'm going to post my romper tomorrow. I actually have something to say about how it's not the most flattering thing ever but I love it ANYWAY. <3 <3

  21. Right there with you on the rompers. I don't care who you are or how you're built, that is NOT a look for an adult.

  22. Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary! Bucolic.

    Adjective: Of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
    Noun: A pastoral poem

    - Angela

  23. I am fully with you on the hating of the rompers. I am waaaay to tall, to thick, to what ever to have ever found one that fits in a flattering manner. Oh, and the intrusion into the lady bits part is the biggest kicker of them all. This being said, all of the lovely ladies that do wear them and look awesomsauce in them I am a little bit jealous.

  24. I love your honesty and also your disclaimer.

    I want a romper. :)

  25. This post made me smile. I love rompers, but mostly on other people. I have a denim one that I have worn semi-successfully. Ironically, I spotted one online today for $6 and HAD to have it. Of ALL the items I would purchase without trying on - A ROMPER? Not so wise today. I just figure if it doesn't fit I can give it away on my blog, right? RIGHT?

  26. Hear Hear! You are a genius! I totally agree! I've only seen a few normal people who pull off romper. When it's done well it's great... sadly that will never be on me!

  27. I could probably wear rompers with grace (being petite and all that) but I don't understand them for reasons of practicality. Most of these are designed for summer weather, I think, with little but underwear to be worn underneath. Since they're also one-piece, that means one basically has to get nearly naked to go to the loo. And the romper is going to land on the floor. Which, with the state of some public toilets, does not strike me as a good idea. I was going to write about this sometime but you beat me to it :)

  28. I totally agree with this! As a girl with hips, rompers just don't look right on me. While they certainly do look cute on other girls, I have to admit that there is always that little moment of dissapointment when I think I see a cute spring dress in a store and pick it up, only to find the bottom sewn together as shorts. haha

    The Real Post Grad

  29. I love rompers... in theory. I own one romper and seldom wear it because I have to admit, unless you're stick thin (i.e. no thighs rubbing together) they bunch and wrinkle and just overall get in the way! I loved my romper when I first saw it, but I often times feel really uncomfortable when I'm actually wearing it. I think they are the most flattering when worn in the winter with tights and a tee underneath.

  30. Rompers are great if you:

    1. Don't mind wearing depends

    2. Dont' mind totally undressing before going pee

    3. You have a bladder the size of lake superior

    4. You are under the age of 3, learning how to crawl and wearing pampers rather than depends

    5. You are not long waisted or short waisted. Else your crotch is in the belly button or you are doing that rapper crotch at the knees look.

    6.No girl who had to wear one piece bloomers (aka rompers) in gym class ever gets over that.

  31. Found this post via the blog of the very Erin of whom you speak - who does look great. I am a short woman with inner thighs and a bit of a tum, and I do like a good romper - or even better, a jumpsuit with pants. Can be very elegant, without the childishness implied by a romper with shorts. Still, as I learned the hard way, all one-pieces must be tried on - can't tell from ebay pics or torso measurements if it will fight with your body or not.

  32. Well, rompers are tricky, no doubt. They MUST fit perfectly proportion wise or you do indeed risk falling victim to all of the potential negatives you outlined so hilariously! I admit to getting onto a site like, say, RevolveClothing, and occasionally seeing a romper that looks super cute *on the model*, but have always thouight better of ordering one for myself.

    As for an item of clothing I can't stand, it would be the mid-calf length skirt....ick! Its not sexy, its not cute, its not...anything, except frumpy. No thank you!


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