Week in review: January 31

I spent the past week completely trapped in my house due to the horrific weather we had here in Dallas. Yesterday I was finally able to escape, and finally managed get my hair cut (I was starting to resemble the Wolfman - my hair gets really, really bushy if I go too long without a trim. I felt gross.) I also made a visit Northpark Center and curled into the stacks with a pile of books at the flagship Half Price Books on Northwest Highway, one of my favorite places in Dallas. Is there anything better than spending an evening reading in a bookstore? I think not.

If there was one good thing about being trapped at home this week, it was the opportunity to concentrate on blogging. Here are some highlights:

I've really, really enjoyed reading everyone's comments (please keep 'em coming!) and am especially thankful to have so many new followers! Y'all have no idea how much your feedback and interest means to me. If you're visiting my blog for the first time, please consider becoming a follower, tweeting with me on Twitter, or becoming a Facebook fan. As a relatively new blogger, I get embarrassingly, ridiculously excited when reading a new comment or gaining a new follower. I appreciate you all so much!


  1. Hey girl!! The weather has been crazy!! Luckily I was only stuck inside for 1 day, but all week for you gaaaaa! Thats too long!
    I am glad you got to get out, and I was about to comment on how fab your hair lucks! Seriously, the cut is AWESOME!!
    Congrats on the IFB roundup too!! You deserve it!!!!


  2. Holy cow, your hair looks GREAT!!! It's been too long since I've had mine done but I can't find anyone to cut it yet.

    I really love that top on you with the belt lower. Super cute!

  3. Wasn't True Grit a fantastic movie?
    I love this look, by the way.


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