Week in Review: February 6

I've spent the last week once again trapped in the house due to lousy weather and suffering from the Sinus Infection From Hell. Every winter I get struck down by what seems to be a government lab-created superbug that's impervious to all medical intervention, including antibiotics, chicken noodle soup and (my favorite cure) whiskey. It starts simply enough - a sniffle here, an achy throat there, and before I know it I'm a snot-dripping, hacking, feverish cripple at the doctor's office getting a steroid shot in the ass. Which I assure you is about as fun as it sounds.

While stuck indoors whining about my pounding head and continued days of apocalyptic weather, I managed to squeak out a few blog posts:

I've really, really enjoyed reading everyone's comments (please keep 'em coming!) and am especially thankful to have so many new followers! You have no idea how much your feedback and interest means to me. If you're visiting my blog for the first time, please consider becoming a follower, tweeting with me on Twitter, or becoming a Facebook fan. I get embarrassingly, ridiculously excited when reading a new comment or gaining a follower, and I appreciate you all so much!

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