Outfit Post: If snow were a person, I would punch it in the face.

This is what I wore when I woke up to over six inches of snow. This is what I wore when I unleashed a spew of profanity at Mother Nature, meteorologists, cold toes, frosted windowpanes and soggy mittens and gloves. This is what I wore when the power went out in our home and my family and I huddled around our gas fireplace, desperately absorbing the little heat it cranked out. This is what I wore during my fourth day trapped inside the house with three restless, antsy, hyperactive children - three children who begged for a continuous stream of Tom and Jerry, Fruit Loops, and permission to clothe themselves in only their underwear (it was like Lord of the Flies around here, people.) 

This is what I wore when I wondered why in the hell I left Iowa when the weather here is almost as God-awful as it is there. Maybe worse, because here in Dallas we get crippling ice storms while Iowa is softly covered under gentle fluffy layers of snow.

Iowans are a hardy folk. When faced with winter weather, they merely shrug their shoulders and matter-of-factly break out their down coats and snow blowers and shovels. No one freaks out. No one gets cranky. No one becomes hostile. This is probably why I only lasted a year as an Iowan. I become monumentally bitchy and annoyed when it snows. I pity those who are forced to be with me (wave to my husband) because I am an absolute beast to be around. I just can't help it. I am a sunshiney kind of girl. I need blue skies and mild temperatures and the slight glow of a tan. I need green grass and flowers in bloom and long afternoons soaking up the sun at the Dallas Arboretum. I need to drink coffee on a restaurant patio and drive with the windows down and GOD DAMM IT, I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH.

You have betrayed me, Dallas. Hard. I thought you loved me. I thought we made promises between each other. You promised to always be warm and sunny and I swore to always love you. But now there's a crack in our relationship, Dallas. And I'm not sure I can get over it. But I'll admit today's sunny yellow cardigan helped.

So...how did you handle this week's crappy weather?

Vintage thrifted Pendelton cardigan; Forever 21 button-down, Gap white tee; Forever 21 belt; thrifted Citizens Of Humanity jeans; Michael Korrs boots


  1. i love the cute floral top and that cardigan is such a beautiful color! you're such a trooper for still getting dolled up with 6" of snow. stay warm!

    cute and little

  2. Oh. I'm so sorry this has been so bad for you! I'm not terribly bothered to be honest. We are freezing but we've had plenty of food and a couple days off work. You get the opposite, 4 days of EXTRA work with everyone home. Hope it clears up for you soon babe! <3 <3

  3. I live up north (NY) so I expect snow. But you live as far south as one can go in this country -- and you have snow? Something is wrong about that...

  4. Where in Iowa are you from? my entire family is from either Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. I was just up there at Christmas.

  5. We lived in Urbandale, just outside of Des Moines for about a year and a half before I called i quits. I'm originally from NYC, and just couldn't handle the weather and being in a small city. The people in Iowa were the nicest I've ever met, and I do miss that!

  6. Been hating the snow here in NYC too. An unusual amount for us this winter!


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