Outfit Post: From Russia with love

A little haiku I whipped up describing yesterday morning:

24 degrees

Jet Blue take me to AZ

It's cold as balls here

Today will be the first warm day we've had here in North Dallas in a long, long, long while. Or two weeks. I've spent the majority of the time huddled under down throw blankets, nursing mugs of tea while shivering next to my space heater. I've been cranky, irritable, and melancholy, tearfully reminiscing over memories of warm days...days when I sat outdoors on restaurant patios drinking coffee, people watching, reading my Kindle, and blissfully bathing in sunlight.

However, while getting dressed this morning in yet another outfit based around warm layers, it occurred to me that there's one great thing about winter - dressing for it. I love cold weather clothes. Give me a pair of tall leather boots and a heavy wool coat and I'm a happy girl. I love being cocooned in layers. I love heavy tights. I love chunky knit Scandinavian wool. I love wearing mittens, and soft scarves, and thick sheepskin boots. And I adore cuddling into flannel pajama bottoms at night.

There's something undeniably romantic about winter clothes. Sometimes, when I'm getting dressed on a frigid cold morning like today's, I pretend I'm a Russian princess, or Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, about to accompany a dark and swarthy vodka-drinking czar on a horse-drawn sleigh ride into the night. I would wear folkloric wool dresses and wide peasant belts and fur muffs, with an enchanted, faraway look on my face. We'd softly glide to our Byzantine-influenced Kiev flat, where he'd light us a massive fire and read me poetry by Alexandr Pushkin as I nibbled on blintzes with creme fraiche and caviar. It would all be very Eastern European opulence, with crushed velvet and ballet and cigarettes and sable coats. And horses. Horses we will ride bareback. Because that's how they do it in Russia. Or so I've seen on The History Channel.

Temperatures are predicted to reach the seventies here next week, and I'm prepared for a moment of sadness when I trade in my sweaters for lightweight blouses. But just for a moment. Because my spring clothes miss me too.

What's your favorite season to dress for? 

Old Navy cardigan; thrifted Old navy button-down; thrifted Gap wide-leg jeans; Target belt; thrifted Doc Marten oxfords


  1. Love the wide-leg jeans! I hate you a teeny bit for your approaching 70s-I'm celebrating because we're (hopefully) going to hit the 40s! I love dressing for autumn-I adore light layers! I also really like late spring, when it's gorgeous and warm but not sweltering. Sundresses have stolen my heart.

    I'm trying to imagine you riding a horse bareback into the Russian sunset-on a crushed velvet saddle while smoking a romantic cigarette, of course.
    Lindsey Soup

  2. i love this white cardigan on you!! it really brightens up the whole outfit and not to mention your face too!

    cute and little


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