New Year's Eve: Losers edition

Some people spend New Year's Eve listening to loud music in an overcrowded club, drinking cheap champagne and nibbling stale hors d'oervues well past when the clock strikes midnight. They break out their most festive party clothes and dance with abandon. Others participate in a smaller gathering at a restaurant or bar, where they eat a lavish meal and toast in the New Year with martinis. Then there are the kind of people who prefer to stay home and watch the Times Square ball drop from the comfort of their own couch. Often, a gigantic bowl of popcorn and six pack of Shiner's provides company.

I am the latter type of person. Just the thought of going out on New Year's Eve exhausts me. First of all, I hate large crowds. They make me feel suffocated and claustrophobic. I hate standing around feeling trapped to make uncomfortable small talk with some overly accessorized, pretentious creep. I hate driving on New Year' overly active imagination puts me squarely in the middle of an accident between myself and a drunk driver. But the thing I hate most about going out on New Year's is the pressure I feel to go out on New Year's. It's completely ridiculous. From commercials on television to sitcom story lines involving New Year's celebrations, the message communicated is that if you dare spend the night in front of the television in your jammies, there's something wrong with you. You are a loser who probably wears mom jeans and lives alone with 10 cats and finds Cathy comics hilarious. Truthfully, I really could care less about being a loser. And I'm perfectly happy on my couch.

However, yesterday I received a last-minute invite to a friend's house. Very casual, wear what you want, guaranteed to be absent of complicated finger foods and loud drunken people. It was perfect. AND it gave me an excuse to wear sequins, which we all know is a Very Good Thing.

Gap blazer; Loft sequin vest; J Crew button-down; Gap Outlet jeggings; Hype washed leather bag; Justin boots; Target pyramid studs.

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  1. You look great! I hate going out on NYE too, i spent the night in watching trashy television with my partner, wouldn't have it any other way!


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