Week in review: January 23

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend! I've spent the past two days sleeping late and catching up on housework (Note to self: Put away laundry immediately after folding. I have this annoying habit of leaving everything crammed together in the basket while I pick out what I need each morning. I am a lazy lazy girl.) I also indulged in a salmon burger and the most amazing sweet potato fries on the planet at Square Burger in Downtown McKinney, chased after my kids at the playground, went to church, thrifted, and cleaned out our garage with my husband (which resembled an archeological dig.)

It was a busy week for blogging too! 

I've really, really enjoyed reading everyone's comments (keep 'em coming!) and am especially thankful to have so many new folllowers! Y'all have no idea how much your support and interest means to me. If you're visiting my blog for the first time, please consider becoming a follower, tweeting with me on Twitter, or becoming a Facebook fan. As a relatively new blogger, I get embarrassingly, ridiculously excited when reading a new comment or gaining a new follower. I appreciate you all so much!

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