The Stylish Blogger Award goes!

The witty, stylish, and all-together fantastic Lindsey of Lindsey Soup awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award yesterday! I've been following her blog for awhile, and it's definitely worth checking out (and not just because she gave me an award - it's really, really great.)

Now I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself. I've used the last twenty-four hours to craft the perfect list, so you can get to know me a little better beyond my rants against pajamas in public, struggle against insomnia, and advice regarding how to survive winter.

So here goes:
  • As a kid, I hated my name so much that in fourth grade I told everyone, including my teachers, that I had legally changed it to Stephanie. I signed my homework, tests, and notes to friends as Stephanie. I think I did this mainly because I could not find stickers or key chains with my name on them.
  • When I discover a song I like, I'll listen to it on repeat until I become completely and totally sick of it. Then I won't be able to tolerate it for months.
  • In 9th grade I cheated on a Spanish test. And got caught. This is my life's greatest humiliation.
  • I can't stand jalapenos, lamb, blue cheese, beets, turnips, okra, catfish, egg yolk, pineapple on pizza, goat cheese, brie, and bagels from anywhere other than New York City.
  • I am addicted to US Weekly, especially their "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" feature. There's something intriguing about a picture of Angelina Jolie buying cereal for her kids.
  • For the most part, I am a cheap date, but if you let me pick where to go we'll end up eating sushi, listening to music, and sitting on the patio of some fantastic, overpriced restaurant where we can watch people all night and meet interesting new ones. Yet, I'm also perfectly content hole-ing up in Barnes and Noble where we can peruse gossip and fashion magazines until they kick us out. 
  • I have zero patience for: bad drivers, slow drivers, drivers I deem too old/young to be on the road, drivers who take up two lanes, drivers who flick their cigarettes out the window onto my windshield, drivers who tailgate, drivers who obscenely blast their music, drivers who weave aggressively from lane to lane, drivers who drive below the speed limit, and drivers who put on makeup/read/shave/text while driving.
    Now I'm instructed to list 15 bloggers I find inspiring: 


    1. "I can't stand...goat cheese..."

      I'm going to let that go. Because I like you. I won't let my unreasonable love for goat cheese ruin this. But I may never be able to cook for you. All my best things use goat cheese.

      Also? I'm just going to let you drive. AHAHAHAHA <3

      (I emailed you! I all about hibachi and they normally have sushi, I have a new place I want to try, maybe we can do that?)

    2. Everything you said you hated I pretty much love. That just goes to show that we'd probably have a lovely time going out for dinner and swapping the bad for the good!

    3. OMG! Thank you so much for including my humble little blog on your list!


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