Snow chickens and cardigans

Ah, winter. Season of frozen fingertips, meager daylight hours, and lost gloves. I am not a fan of Old Man Winter. The arrival of cold weather typically zaps my energy until I discover a hidden stash of Halloween candy in the back of the pantry, which I chew through and immediately feel disgusting. Then I try to decide whether I want to clean out my closet, or mop, or dust the whole house (all at the same time) or reorganize the pantry, or catch up on TV episodes I recorded six months ago. Orrrr...hibernate like a furry woodland creature.

There's a lot to be said about mid-winter days. It's undeniably fun to be cozy, and to snuggle deep into down throws, and to drink hot toddies, and break out all those clothes like Uggs and woolly scarves and coats. That is truly the highlight of the season, as far as I'm concerned. Dragging out your favorite boots + sweaters from last year is super fun, although I always image that they are understandably bitter after being put out of sight during the hot summer months, tucked silently into the dark reaches of your closet with only a missing glove and frayed scarf to keep them company. I suspect my winter clothes are especially irritable because they know that deep down I resent them, a little, because they represent the endless blustery Iowa winters.

Aside from releasing the warm clothes from storage, the really good thing about winter is crouching near a blazing fire listening to the wind blow and knowing I don't have to be out in it. My Dallas suburb was blanketed by five inches of snow on Sunday, and I found great pleasure in watching my kids construct a rather impressive snow chicken (no snowmen for our family! We're wacky like that) while I huddled inside. The snow did give me the opportunity to break out my favorite super warm cardigan, an activity that provided a much needed boost to my mood.

Gap cardigan, Michael Stars long-sleeved tee; Gap Outlet jeggings; Michael Kors boots; Nordstrom necklace; vintage Coach satchel; Forever 21 belt; ancient gold huggie earrings.


  1. I like the boots and love your hair.

  2. Oh, you should take a picture of the snow chicken! I'd love to see that!

    I adore your cardigan. It reminds me of a sunset!

    Lindsey Soup

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