My fashion f-it list

I always tend to engage in deep self-examination during the beginning of the year. In 2010 I accomplished more in terms of identity development and personal "work" than I ever thought possible. I feel stronger, and more self-confident. I fulfilled goals I never thought I would. If my life-spanning bucket list contained categories for personal development, I feel fairly confident crossing them off.

Oddly enough, in a reversal of the now increasingly common bucket list formula, one blogger has created "Things I would like to do, that I probably could do, but never will do." An f-it list, if you will. Because sometimes it's nice to say never.

Jill of Feministe's anti-bucket list includes such items as "be an urban bee-keeper" and "make my own ricotta." As Katy points out, many of these seem inspired by the "new domestic goddess/locovore/food blogger phenomenon" which can make one feel inadequate. So while one can admire these feats, sometimes it's a relief to just throw up your hands and say you'll never raise your own chickens.

It's actually a little hard for me to say "never". But there are a few things I'd be fine with not doing in my life. Into this category fall baking pies (it looks hard, and I think I'm just going to keep buying them); driving stick (these are on the way out, right?); and meditating (for me it always feels like scheduled worrying). I will also never swim with sharks and sting rays, and
never do anything EXTREME! like you see in Mountain Dew commercials such as jumping out of an airplane or mountain-climb or white water river rafting. Because I'm a chicken,

So, here's my fashion related f-it list. Feel free to judge away.

I will never:
- Get a Brazilian wax
Own/wear sweatpants or booty shorts that 'say' anything across the butt (you know, like 'Juicy', 'hottie', or 'Pink'). My ass does not need a voice, but if it had one, the vocabulary would be much more impressive.
Stop wearing my Uggs (I don't care, they're comfy).
- Wear lingerie as outerwear. I'll save that for my husband, thankyouverymuch.

- I will never wear the suburban Mommy uniform of khaki capri pants with a floral empire-waist top and faux leather sandals or boots. Last year I attended every one of my kids's parent-teacher conferences, concerts, plays and art shows. Every time I was the only mom there not in this uniform. It was like being in some sort of Laura Ashley nightmare. They all looked at me funny. I've been a stay-at-home mom for over ten years and have never felt like I'm dressed properly for the job.
- Wear jeans so low that the straps of my g-string hang out. Ewww.
- Stop wearing skirt and dresses again.

 What's on your fashion f-it list?

Old Navy cardigan; thrifted Gap button-down; Old Navy skirt; Hue tights; Hue tights; Frye cowboy books; Target belt; Juicy Couture school ring necklace; Anthropologie flower studs.


  1. Love this outfit. The proportions are all right, and I love the boots.

    "I will never:- Get a Brazilian wax"


  2. I love the skirt and belted cardigan. Me too with the Brazilian... I'm not a 9 year old girl, nor do I want to look like one!


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