The most relevant survey EVER, or How many pairs of jeans do you have?

According to a Consumer Reports/ShopSmart survey, the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans, but only wears four. The Shopsmart study went on to conclude that only one in 10 women is willing to spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans, while the average price they pay hovers at $34. Younger women in the 18-34 demographic hold a slightly higher average at $60 a pair, the poll noted.


After reading this article, the first thing I did was run to my closet and count my jeans. I have a collection I always considered average for women in my age bracket and neighborhood: 20 pairs of jeans, and five pairs of capris. Plus two pairs of denim shorts and two denim skirts (if we're including all denim items.) A few years ago, I had close to 75 pairs of jeans (which is really gross), but I've managed to scale down my collection quite a bit and limit what hangs in my closet to things I actually wear.

Of my 20 pairs, I wear the following 9 most regularly: My Seven for All Mankind bootcuts, Joe's Jeans jeggings, slightly ripped Paige bootcuts, a destroyed pair of AG Adriana Goldschmied boyfriend jeans, Citizens of Humanity flare-legs, Gap black and gray jeggings, and a super dark wash pair of  J Brand jeans. I buy pretty much all of my jeans from Ebay or Plato's Closet, or from The Gap Outlet, which keeps the expense down. I'd guess the average cost per pair is around $50. I have spent more than $100 on denim, but those days are long behind me.

Why do I continue to hold on to the jeans that aren't in regular rotation? Two reasons. One, They're too expensive to justify tossing, and remain in a to be sold eventually 0n eBay section in my closet  Reason number two: They're too-small, "aspirational" sizes, purchased during times when I was thinner. I hold onto these jeans with the hope that someday I'll fit into them again.

I realize that nobody NEEDS more than one pair of jeans (and if you own a pair of khakis or a skirt, you don't even need that). You don't NEED cute throw pillows or bottled water or a DVD player or a coat just for special occasions or makeup or any other of the gazillion things women might own. I don't NEED the twenty pairs of jeans I have, though I do wear more than the 9 pairs I mentioned.

I have a complex where I think I never have enough jeans. I love designer denim especially - they do magical things to my butt and elongate my legs, and  can easily be dressed up or down depending on the situation. I think my denim obsession stems at least partially from middle school, where I had only 1 pair of truly lame jeans. I hated those jeans. They were high-waisted and pinched my stomach. Every night, before I went to sleep, I prayed over the first star I saw that God would bless me with a pair of Guess jeans. I lusted over that cute little triangle on the back pocket. I even would've settled for acid wash, if that was all that was offered. We lived on a tight budget and could not afford the $40 Guess jeans cost. And by the time I managed to scrounge up enough cash from babysitting, Guess jeans were out.

In college, due to lack of money and a desire to avoid the sorority prep-girl look so prevalent on my campus, I became obsessed with tracking down the perfect pair of vintage button-fly Levis. Ideally, they were faded, torn at the knees, super soft, and worn down to a pale, pale blue. When I finally found the jeans I wanted it felt like a gift from heaven. My favorite pair had big tears in the knees, and in the winter I'd accessorize them with purple or blue fishnet tights underneath. I thought I was the bomb. Thank God there are no photos of me in that look.

J Crew turtleneck sweater; AG Adriana Goldschmied Ex-Boyfriend crop in 17 years Damaged Wash; Coach belt; Juicy Couture ballet flats; Betsey Johnson pyramid studs

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  1. That I WEAR:
    1 pair of dark denim jeggings
    1 pair of black and grey tie dyed jeggings (new)
    1 pair cut offs (worn only with tights!)
    1 denim skirt

    That I am too full of sugar and cream for:
    2 pair dark denim jeggings
    1 pair light wash skinnies that have not fit for 3 years and OMG why do I still have them? I am not kidding they are like a size 4. I am not going to be a size 4 again. It was far too much work. And too few cookies.

    But I'm not a big fan of jeans, so it makes sense that I wouldn't have a ton. And MAYBE, just MAYBE what I am actually not a fan of is trying jeans on, and I DID get that Groupon the other day for indi denim custom jeans and I am pretty excited about that.

    Guess jeans: We were sort of ridiculously poor as well, and I always relate when you talk about that. But in high school I had 2 pairs. My siblings did NOT. I got to have them because I was SO tall, and SO thin that they were the ONLY brand that fit.

  2. I've only got 3!
    I like my wardrobe minimal..

    err, and I'm relatively poor :)

  3. Haha I have 7 pairs exactly, and only 4 are in heavy rotation lately. The results of the survey you cited are spot on in my situation!

  4. I have four pairs, but the combination of a 38" inseam and a super-short waist means that it's impossible for me to buy jeans off the rack. They have to be special-ordered or custom-made, which raises the price quite a bit.

  5. i only have one pair of patterned skinny jeans... i'm more of a skirt girl.

    esther xx

  6. The Boyfriend jeans look good on you. I have 6 pairs in rotation total. The thing about women's jeans is all the different legs: skinny, straight, jeggings, bootcut, flared, boyfriend, heels vs. flats... and THEN comes all the washes... All I need is to find the dark wash slim jean and then my jeans wardrobe is "complete." Anything beyond that would be superfluous for me.

  7. One pair of jeans, which I rarely wear! I pretty much live and die in skirts/dresses, though!

  8. I have around 20 pairs of jeans. I'm not sure if I found them all lol. I would say 6 pairs are in heavy rotation. I have 2 that fit okay with a belt. One pair is too small. The rest are too big to wear. I need to give them away to the goodwill. The funny thing is I almost bought another pair today.
    My Heart Blogged

  9. I only wear one currently. I lost weight. The only other jeans I have that fit are lavender.

  10. I own
    1 pair of black skinny denim
    1 pair of gray denim/legging blend
    1 pair of corduroys
    1 pair of straight dark gray denim
    1 blue denim flare
    1 blue denim skinny

    so I guess I fit the average for the survey perfectly! I only wear the 1rst three now a days though. I'm tired of blue denim & I like the legs skinny!

    The boyfriend cut works great on you though! For me, I always feel like they make me look fat.


  11. i have zero. i find jeans to be too thick and uncomfortable. but yours look good!
    <3 mode.

  12. I own over 50. Before I started Sample Sale Sites, I used to be the editor for Denimology so I am just a *little* denim obsessed too!


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