Childhood dreams, or why I dressed like an 80's power bitch

It’s difficult to remember my thought processes back from when I was a young girl. My loftiest dreams involved how many times I could swivel a hoola hoop around my hips, and little else held much importance. Times have changed, but it’s fun to recollect some of the simple things that I hoped for as a child.

1. A pantry stocked with sugary cereal.
2. A pony, preferably white.
3. A backyard.
4. A pink Powerwheels car.
5. A tree house.
6. A younger sister.
7. More Cabbage Patch and Barbie dolls.
8. Curly blonde hair.
9. A doll house.
10. Lisa Frank stickers.
11. Cable TV.
12. To have magical powers, i.e that I could fly and make myself invisible.
13. To grow up and move out of my parents house.
14. To live in California (I have no idea why.)
15. To be as stylish as my mom.

In my eyes, my mother's beauty was akin to Joan Collins and Debbie Harry. She was almost aggressively glamorous, and took trends seriously. She had trademark long burgundy nails, with lipstick to match, and wore eighties power suits with dangerous-looking shoulder pads, and straight high-waisted leather skirts. God, I remember those skirts - she owned them in red, cream, purple, and black, made from buttery soft leather, with a long back zipper and small kick pleat. Every morning, after getting dressed, I would perch on the edge of our bathroom sink and watch her carefully apply her make-up. I was fascinated just by the abundance of products - concealer, foundation, powder, liquid eyeliner, multiple eyeshadows blended to the brow, lipstick liner and lipstick applied with a tiny little brush. When she was done, she practically looked embalmed. But I suppose that was fashionable back in 1987.

I suppose I was channeling a bit of her in this outfit. My skirt and red lipstick are very 198o's woman :

Ann Taylor cardigan; Anthropologie ikiat sleeveless swing top; J Crew turtleneck, vintage thrifted leather skirt; Target tights; Justin boots; Hype bag, Forever 21 long rhinestone earrings.

What were your childhood dreams?

(And, can anyone tell me where I can get black opaque tights that are not shiny? I have tights from J Crew, The Gap and Target, and they all photograph with a shiny gleam. Help!)


  1. I love all the layering!!! It looks great!! And of course I love the lips too!!
    Do you shop at AA often too? Uggg I just love that store!! I wish we had more of them here, but we only have one!


    Everyone Loves Lipstick Style Blog

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed reading. Really cute outfit. I have some tights from target and mine do not photograph shiny. Are you using a flash in your photos? You could try I just received my first order in the mail and I LOVE them, and am about to order more.

    Kirstin Marie

  3. I love the leather skirt with that fun top! Oh, the Lisa Frank days! When I was a kid my main thought was how I was going to get to Broadway, and trying to convince my parents that I needed horses. Hehe!

    Lindsey Soup

  4. I am enjoying your blog a lot! I'm catching up...whenever I find a new favorite blog, I just HAVE to go back to the beginning and see all of the previous posts! :-) My childhood dream was to be a horse trainer...I was the epitome of little girl with the horse obsession. Horses are my passion, and guess what? My dream came whole life revolves around horses, and yes, I AM a horse trainer. Dreams can come true. I love fashion too...LOL! :-) Belinda


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