Oh Christmas tree

Today the family and I headed out to Bonham, Texas to cut down our own Christmas tree. We started this tradition five or so years ago, when we first lived here, and it's one of my favorite things about Christmas. For the husband and I, city dwellers at heart, there's something adventurous about climbing into a tractor-pulled wagon into the middle of a tree farm, slinging a handsaw over our shoulders, and treking through the piney woods on the hunt for the perfect tree. I know, I know...it's not like we're hiking miles hauling an ax around. But for us, it's pretty close.

J Crew green wool cardigan; thrifted Eddie Bower floral buttondown; Gap stretch white tee; Paige wide-led denim pants; Forever 21 woven belt; Cole Hann wedge heel loafers; J Crew leather jacket.
I wasn't sure how chilly it would be at the tree farm, so I threw on as many layers as I could. I am always, always cold, but with the temperatures in the low sixties it wasn't that bad out (although my husband might argue otherwise...I was complaining about being chilly more than necessary.)  I don't think I'll ever get over how warm it is year-round here in Texas. My extended family are freezing their butts off in New York right now, whereas I hardly needed my jacket. Love it!

My husband and I have his office holiday party in a couple of hours, so we've decided to wait until tomorrow to decorate the tree. As we'll be hanging around the house all day, it's going to be challenging for me not to pull on a pair of jeans, but I'm sure I can find something equally comfortable.

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