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Between the impending holidays, and housework, and screeching at boy B to for God's sake put some damm clothes on people can see you naked through our living room windows, things have been hectic. Sometimes I hate having adult responsibilities. There's nothing glamorous or carefree about making sure there's enough toilet paper and juice boxes in the house to coraling those evasive dust bunnies hiding underneath the hutch to worrying about whether the world will really end on 2012  (which might be why the hoarding of toilet paper is tops among my priorities.) Also added to my busy-list has been delving into my previously untapped energy source for exploring new thrift and consignment stores, and shopping like a maniac (sorry's for research purposes only; I can't exactly look slovenly and unfashionable in the pics I put up here on this blog now can I. My non-existent readers are relying on me.)

I'm sure everyone around me is plenty busy as well, what with their own errands and housecleaning and naked child-chasing and planning for the end of the world in 2012. That's why I'm to thankful for the blogsphere, since everybody can share and understand how stressful it can be just getting through the holidays without losing one's mind.

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on our holiday decor. There's still a towering mass of unpacked boxes in our storage facility (a.k.a garage) and wouldn't you know it, most of our crap was buried somewhere among the muck. I approached the mountain of boxes courageously, determined to emulate my idol Edmund Hilary. That bitch was gonna get owned. But after four boxes in and I slunk off, defeated. It was just too much. I did find most of our things and the house looks so pretty and festive. And I feel festive, imaginary readers! I want to sing (which I did in Wal-Mart this morning at Becky, that welcome Christmas song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and dance (badly) and throw snowballs (like a girl and miss). And eat lots of sugar cookies and get drunk on New Year's Eve. 

It was kind of nice to dress in something uncomplicated that didn't require much thought.

H&M poncho (Plat's Closet); American Eagle long-sleeve thermal; Gap gray jeggings; Justin vintage riding boots; ancient Gap belt
This poncho makes me so, so happy. It's warm. It's colorful. It can be belted in the most sloppy, haphazard way and still look great. It cost me $10. And it goes with practically anything - black jeans, gray jeans, blue jeans (can you tell I'm deeply missing my beloved jeans?), even a gray straight skirt (which is what I had on before the jeggings, but I decided it was a bit much for hanging around the house all day.)

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