New year, new blogified resolutions

Many people don’t think much of New Year’s Resolutions, but I love them. What better time to sit back, reflect on the year behind you and get excited about the year ahead?

As a new blogger, I thought the New Year would be a great opportunity to reflect on my goals for blogging in the coming year. 
  1. Write, write, write: I would like to continue including more thought-provoking topics that provide rich opportunities for writing, such as I did when I discussed Alexa Chung's thrifting endeavor. Writing challenges me in a way nothing else does, and is a wonderful creative outlet. I do worry that my personal style blog will somehow evolve into a journal, which I am looking to avoid. Hopefully if I keep my focus on fashion and style, this won't happen.
  2. Increase my followers: Through the IFB Network, I've learned that one way to increase followers is to shamelessly promote my blog through their site. I've been participating more in their forums, putting in friend requests to other bloggers that inspire me, and submitting my work on my profile page. I am up to nine followers now (yay!), all of whom I am deeply appreciative of. My short-term goal is to reach 50 followers.
  3. Make more connections: There are so many fashion and style bloggers who have galvanzed me to start my own blog. Reaching out to them by commenting on their recent posts is an easy way to show my appreciation and hopefully, make some kind of connection. I'm learning that the blogging world is largely based on personal connections, and I'd like to be a part of it.
  4. Quit comparing myself to other bloggers: This is the most challenging resolution I'm setting. I follow so many style blogs, all of which seem much more professional and well, stylish than mine. The authors have thousands of followers. They are confident and glamorous in their photos. They have sponsors. They write beautifully, and their advice is astute. While working on my goals, I'm going to try not to compare myself to other bloggers. I'm new, and I have a lot to learn. I'll get there with time and hard work.
  5. I will set tangible, short-term goals for my blog: Breaking down goals for the month are an easy way to feel I've achieved something when I meet them. For example, this month I put myself on a no-jean challenge. It was wonderful because it inspired me to wear things I normally steer away from, such as skirts and dresses. However, I didn't post often enough about this challenge. If I had limited it over the course of a week, I would've have become distracted by other topics. A short-term, strictly focused goal is easier to focus on.
I'm curious - what your goals are for this upcoming year? How do you plan to carry them out?

Loft cardigan; J Crew button-down; Gap chinos;ancient Naturilizer ballet flats; diamond cross necklace


  1. It took my a while to quit comparing myself to others. During my first 6 months, I found myself questioning why I was blogging. Then, one day I realized I was doing it for me. If people wanted to following along with me, they could! If not, I was still going to do it. It's been a while, but I've seen my followers grow and I've been able to bring on sponsors.
    It can and will happen, but it's not going to be overnight. That's what I kept reminding myself, and it's made everything seem better and more worthwhile to me.
    Keep blogging because you love it (and you're wearing the CRAP outta that cardigan) and you will get better at it!
    BTW- I take all my photos with a self-timer, so I appreciate you saying they look nice!! :)

  2. I love the sparkly cardigan, and how you paired it with cute and wearable pants :)


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