Like a dreamer's dream

What have you wanted since you were a little girl?

I have considered this question on one of my favorite fashion blogs with interest. For some women, the answer is to be a princess for a day. The opportunity to be a real-life princess typically presents itself in the form of a fancy dress-up event, like prom or wedding or your five year-old's birthday party. On reality shows like The Bachelorette some itty-bitty blonde contestant (aren't most of them blonde? Or is that just me?)  announces that what she wants most in this world is a pretty pretty princess wedding, complete with a gown awash with ruffles and rhinestones that looks like it could be a cake topper at some thirteen year-old's bat mitzvah. She wants this wedding to be a certain way, this pretty pretty princess wedding, with a walk down a sweeping Gone With the Wind staircase and candy coated Jordan almonds in little tulle bags and elaborately coiffed bridesmaids resplendent in pink stretch satin. 

On The Real Housewives of Bevery Hills (there's no use in attempting to hide the fact that I am a reality-show junkie) it's the five year old's birthday party that poses as opportunity for fancy dress-up. Perhaps if you're an aggressively Botoxed mom with a penchant for $60,000 preschool parties, the chance to wear a tiara and prance in a twirly gown around like an Arabian pony in a circus has merits. After all, there are other potential pretty pretty princess to impress!

The fact is, most of us women are always looking for a reason to dress up, to be that princess we were when we were little girls who dreamed of owning a Barbie Dream House and wearing pink sparkly nail polish. Personally, I think it's great that as females it's considered perfectly appropriate that we attempt to recreate these princess dreams in real life. Whether you're a Bachelorette contestant, Beverly Hills mom or harried stay-at-home parent to three wanna-be nudists (as I proudly am) there's nothing wrong with having something pretty to dream about.

For me, I always wished I lived in the fifties. I would die for the chance to have full-skirted dresses with crinolines and sweater sets and bobby socks comprise my daily wardrobe. I would sway to the sounds of The Platters and Frank Sinatra, my full skirt swishing deliciously as I moved. I'd beg my mother for little white gloves and structured handbags with gold clasps. My hair would bounce in a perfect high ponytail, and my prom dress would be fashioned from pink ruffled organza.

A 1990's vintage party dress doesn't seem like a necessary piece in one's wardrobe, but when I saw it, I couldn't help but believe that my 1950's fantasy had come to life, albeit in a much more modern way.

Vintage 1990's strapless party dress (thrifted); Old Navy black cardigan; Marc Jacobs bucket evening bag; J Crew black tights, Me Too patent leather pumps; Forever 21 black rhinestone drop earrings
One dream down, a million more to go.

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