I'd be lying

I both love and abhor this time of year.  Between shopping for gifts, attending school performances, decorating the house and planning for my husband's holiday office parties, I feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions. And the pressure! With commercials egging you on with their smug proclamations that "Christmas only comes once a year!", neighbors who put up their lights after Halloween and the incessant ringing of Christmas music, it can all be a bit much. I always feel an undercurrent of competition during the holidays. Maybe it's due to the the never-ending message that we need to buy the perfect (insert random item here) and have the perfect Christmas experience to prove our love. It's kind of ridiculous. I completely understand why so many Americans fall into a funk when the holidays are over. There has to be some link between seasonal depression and the conclusion of six weeks of competitive decorating, shopping, entertaining and eating.

It was with this mindset that I put together today's outfit:

J Crew vintage denim shirt; Forever 21 gray lace dolman-sleeve top; J Crew stretch bootcut cords; Gucci loafers

To be honest, this outfit was built around these beauties:

Believe it or not, I purchased these loafers at Plato's Closet. Yes, the same Plato's that markets to teenagers and specializes in mall brands like American Eagle and Aeropostale (which I always confuse as the same store.) I am a full on Plato's Closet-aholic. The nearest location is five minutes from my house, and let me tell you, they know me there. My encounters with Plato's start innocently enough: I walk in with two or three bags of clothes and shoes to sell, intending to pocket some extra cash for the week. As I wait for the employees to sort through everything, I end up browsing, and damm if I don't come upon something I need. In the end, I don't make a penny of profit. But in my defense, I don't usually pay out of pocket either...anything I spend comes from store credit.

I used to be embarrassed that I do much of my shopping at a teenager-infested establishment. But I got over it. Dressing with courage is all about shopping where I want, not where I should. Thank the Lord I boldly shop at Plato's, because I never would have found these loafers otherwise. And for a measly twenty-five bucks.

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