High fashion: Men-repelling or merely absurd?

What is the point of "fashion?" According to one style blogger, the point of fashion is to repel men. Oh. Okay. Darn. I am confused as to whether this fashion strategy is sincere, and actually works. And, also, whether the blogger is question above is completely crazy.

There is a girl in New York named Leandra Medine. There she is, in the picture. Here is her fashion "thing", as described by the New York Times:
Since April, Ms. Medine, 21, has been publishing photos of herself wearing these pieces on her blog, the Man Repeller, as well as shots of similarly challenging recent runway looks: fashions that, though promoted by designers and adored by women, most likely confuse - or worse, repulse - the average straight man. These include turbans, harem pants, jewelry that looks like a torture instrument, jumpsuits, ponchos, furry garments resembling large unidentified animals, boyfriend jeans, clogs and formal sweatpants.
Fashion magazines have taken notice. Lucky has asked Ms. Medine to guest-blog. Harper’s Bazaar assigned Ms. Medine a feature in its December issue titled, “Can You Be in Fashion and Still Get a Man?” And women in New York who are fans of her blog have begun using it as a verb, as in, “I am totally man-repelling today.”

Ms. Medine's style blog seems like pretty much every other one I follow: a young, affluent hipster mixes thrift, discount and runway pieces in a sloppy haphazard way that somehow looks chic in the end. She has the requisite long flowing locks, Upper East Side apartment (albeit it shared with her parents) collection of thick horn-rimed glasses, and DIY tips on becoming a crafty hobo hipster yourself.

However, I truly believe that this girl doesn't understand men. On average, men do not care what you wear. They only care if you have an attractive body. Here's what really matters to them:

1. Are you in somewhat ok shape?
2. Do you have a vagina?
3. Are you single? (That one's debatable.)

If you can answer yes to any or all 3 of those questions your outfit will fail to repel men.

The clothes Medine showcase only enhance the fact that she is slim and elegant in a quirky way. In every picture, she looks like the kinda loopy, cute but quiet girl whom men assume is fun in bed. As long as she's showing leg and wearing heels, she'll get a man. I think the only tangible things that could really kill a man's interest are unibrows, Ugg's, and facial hair.

Furthermore, women's fashion is not about impressing men. Men, by and large, don't know what's fashionable and what's simply flattering and to a much smaller extent, appropriate. Fashion is really about two things: impressing/exerting dominance over other women (a Manolo shoe will not get you laid, but is guaranteed to make other women jealous) and
self-expression. There's freedom in being creatively attired and wearing pieces that communicate your individual sense of style. When I get dressed in the morning, it's always from the perspective of what I want to wear, what I find comfortable and appealing, and what message I want to send to the world. Aside from my husband's opinion, I really could care less about what men think.

In addition, I feel like the Times kind of missed the point regarding this blog. Despite its name and the running joke Medine has about not getting laid because of her outfits, 'the man repeller' isn't really about the dudes. it's about the absurdity of 'high' fashion - stuff that is as beautiful as it is ugly/unconventional. I actually like this blog. She's funny, and the clothes that she points out are truly hideous. Her entry on how to get photographed on fashion blogs like The Sartorialist was totally accurate and literally made me laugh out loud. Hint: wear as many different types of fabric as possible. Layer on multiple clashing pieces. Add heinous lipstick.

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