Fashion-related ridiculousness, or why I forgo pantyhose

Back in August, The Atlantic's "Daily Dish" reader-question was, "What widely accepted practice, custom or societal norm do you regard as irrational, absurd, offensive, silly, nonsensical, counterproductive, or morally wrong?"

Writes Conor Friedersdorf,
Perhaps 200 people responded, and the most frequent answer was that it makes no sense to say "God bless you" after someone sneezes. Lots of readers also lodged complaints against eating meat, mistreating animals, believing in God, practicing organized religion, driving SUVs, and the societal practice of pairing off in monogamous relationships.
I love questions like this. They provoke me to engage in my favorite pastime - makings lists of things that irritate and antagonize me. Here my top five fashion-related things that I consider ridiculous, completely illogical, and just plain wrong:

1. High heels. Yes, I understands they make your legs look fabulous. But they shorten your achilles tendon, prevent you from moving as quickly and efficiently as we were born to, and HURT. No to high heels! (This largely comes from the fact that I can't even look at a pair of high heels without spontaneously blistering.)

2. I'll say it: female beauty standards are whack. The practice of shaving one's legs (and in recent years, the va-jayjay) started because the male facial razor industry wanted to expand its market. It's screwed up that society expects women to rid of naturally-occurring body hair, and considers them disgusting if they don't. To do this, most women take knives and tweezers to their skin several times a week. I dutifully get rid of my hair, too, and like the appearance of stubble-free legs, but that's one of the things that has always struck me as really weird when you think about it.

3. Bikinis. Not because I think they're morally wrong. It just baffles me that just because it's a different material, it's completely fine for women to walk around in public in what's basically underwear. But don't you dare show your lacy bra! Slut!

4. Pantyhose. Worst. Mechanisms. Of. Torture. Ever. Invented.

5. Thongs. If your pants are so tight that flashing the outline of your underwear though them is a genuine concern, then your pants are too freaking tight.

Today I went with a pantyhose-free, high heel-less, thong absent outfit. I did shave my legs, though. I might be bucking society, but at least I'm comfortable.

Anthropologie button-down; Gap camisole (underneath); Gap Out cargos; Forever 21 oxfords; Forever 21 necklace and bracelet


  1. 1. High heels. I got you in spirit but in practice I cannot unlove them. They are rarely comfortable but the ones that are make me swoon like a 12 year old over Scott Baio (dating myself much?)

    2. The legs thing…It’s so ingrained I rarely think about it but the trend of the bikini wax, the brazilin wax in particular really bothers me. The younger girls in my office consider it basic grooming. I mean…REALLY? That level of pain is BAISC GROOMING? And I know it’s old fashioned but you know who doesn’t have hair there? Little girls. And that’s just creepy.

    3. Bikinis. I own one. I wear it once a summer for about 2 hours because my husband really really likes it, and I really really like him. All my other suits are Ester Williams inspired skirted and runched numbers.

    4. Pantyhose. Yeah. Not cool. Tights I love. Panty hose I won’t wear even for interviews and funerals anymore.

    5. Thongs. THIS. Girl, thongs are crazy uncomfortable and I am not wearing them. Period.

  2. YAY I love it! anything from Anthropologie is fabulous!!
    I love your haircut too. Hair hair hair it is all I think about lately!!
    Have a wonderful NYE doll!!!


  3. greetings from germany, sister ! i stopped wearing pantyhose and high-heels years ago ! pants and flats are my daily clothes all around the year, maybe a long skirt once or twice during summer - but 100% bare legged !


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