The 2010 Anti-Jean Challenge

I've decided to abstain from wearing jeans for 30 days. Truthfully, this will be one of the most difficult fashion challenges I can endure. I live in my jeans.  I love how versatile they are, I love how they kind of hold everything in and give me the semblence of a nice butt. I love how comfortable they are, and how multiple wearings only makes them look better. Shamefully, I have to confess that I own close to 25 pairs of jeans, mostly Citizens of Humanity, Seven for All Mankind, and Joe's Jeans. I'll have to devote a future post to my love of these brands because they really do deserve further exploration.

In the meantime, allow me to define the parameters of my anti-jeans quest:

  • I will avoid wearing jeans of the following styles: Bootcut, flared leg, skinny leg, straight-leg, and wide-leg. Colored jeans are also off-limits.
  • Wide leg denim pants will be permitted. I have two pairs of extremely wide leg pants made from a lightweight denim-type material. I don't believe they qualify as jeans, because they don't have the traditional five pocket styling or a defined leg.
  • Colored jeggings are okay...because I consider them leggings, not jeans. The ones I own do not have pockets or zippers, aside from those at the ankle.
  • I will wear denim skirts and dresses, because although they're made from the same material, they're (obviously) not jeans.
Here's what I came up with for today, day two of the challenge (I'm counting yesterday as day 1):

Vintage fur chubby jacket, Forever 21 slub-knit sweatshirt; Anthropologie lace tunic; Gap stretch camisole (not shown); Joe's Jeans jeggings; Vince Camuto bow ballet flats; Forever 21 feather and rhinestone earrings (hard to see...clearly, I need a better camera); Marc Jacobs rectangular case watch.
I love the zippers on these jeggings! They look really  chic unzipped.

Truthfully, I had some difficulty styling this outfit. The lace tunic has cap sleeves and considerable embroidery along the neckline, and I worry that it all makes me look kind of lumpy. However, I adore the lace peeking out from underneath, so that kind of makes up for it.

Off topic, but how God-awful is my yellow backdrop? This wall is the only space in my home not occupied with furniture or deritus form my children. Clearly, I need to find a better space for my hubby to take photos.

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